Overwhelmed by Manual Reporting Processes?

Meet the most complex financial reporting demands - whether you’re dealing with multiple brands, branches, or bed and breakfasts. Our solutions make consolidating data from different sources, locations, and currencies quick and easy.

  • Integrate with virtually all general ledger systems, as well as Excel, to pull financial data into one consolidated report.
  • Provide a global picture of corporate financial performance for multiple companies or lines of business.
  • Distribute full financial reports (or a subset of reports with specific data) to individuals inside and outside your company.
  • Implement user controls to restrict or allow access to data and reports as needed.
  • Leverage multi-company consolidations with different currencies, account numbers, and calendars.
  • Translate multi-company balances into a single currency or several different currencies.
  • Utilize familiar concepts such as rows, columns, and organizational trees
  • Secure user access to data and report components by implementing permissions controls.

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