How to Eliminate Risk and Increase Security with Financial Reporting

Eliminating risk and increasing security with financial reporting is more important than ever in today’s accounting landscape. Financial reports empower you to make sound business decisions–and generating, packaging, and distributing reports quickly allows for extra time for review and analysis to do so.

Fortunately, adopting a cloud-based accounting solution can help you accomplish just that.

Eliminating risk and increasing security

Moving away from locally-installed accounting software can help tremendously when it comes to eliminating risk and increasing security. Cloud-based solutions offer enhanced security by storing data on remote servers rather than on-site servers. With remote data storage, back-ups, and encryption, data is more secure than ever before.

Additionally, cloud-based accounting solutions enhance data integrity. With automation and 24/7 access through any device with an internet connection, the data view is always the most current and up-to-date available. Gone are the days of emailing Excel spreadsheets, altering the data, and then saving them locally–and then comparing the numbers against your colleague’s own altered version of the same report.

Other benefits of cloud-based accounting software

To accelerate productivity, your financial reporting solution must provide an intuitive user experience that addresses your individual needs. It should also embody a host of powerful features and capabilities not found in the majority of less sophisticated, out-of-box reporting solutions on the market today.

Leverage the ability to customize and distribute a variety of financial reports based on the information relevant to the recipients’ needs. From one consolidated report, you can separate the information by department, regions, geography, management level, etc., and only share the specific data that is needed. This minimizes risk and enables you to streamline the close process knowing your data is accurate.

Consider FYIsoft for your needs

FYIsoft increases the relevancy and value of your financial reports and enables staff to gain the insight needed to run your business more efficiently. Its features are a natural fit to help you eliminate risk and increase security.

With a software solution like FYIsoft, you can expect:

  • Anytime, Anywhere Report Access
  • Flexible Deployment Options
  • Currency Translation
  • Multi-Company and Data Source Consolidations
  • Presentation-Quality/Multi-Dimensional Financial Reports
  • Drill-Down to Transaction Details
  • Maintain and Manage a Report Library
  • Zero Suppression
  • Side-by-Side Balance Sheets
  • GL Integration
  • Advanced Report Distribution
  • Audit Ability for Increased Accuracy
  • User-Friendly Report Concepts (Rows, Columns, Orgs)
  • Rolling Forecasts
  • Flexible Report Design
  • Account Collections
  • Custom Security Controls
  • Pull Forecasts From Excel
  • FRx Report Conversion

Contact FYIsoft today to learn more about how FYIsoft can help your business achieve its goals.

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