What Do Businesses Look For in a Financial Report Writer?

Financial report writers should automate financial reporting to increase productivity for your business.

A good financial report writer should be easy to implement and easy to use. Being able to slice and dice data in an accessible way is imperative. This affords your organization the ability to make educated business decisions based on timely and accurate data.

When a business is shopping for a new financial report writer, there are various features to look for. These features include:

  • Integration with Excel and all major general ledger systems (read here why Excel is a bad choice).
  • Ability to dynamically pull data from multiple sources and formats.
  • Use of familiar concepts like rows, columns, and organizational trees.
  • Multi-company consolidations (different currencies, account numbers, and calendars).
  • Auditing component to ensure general ledger accounts are not duplicated or missing.
  • Permission controls to secure user access to data, report components, and organizational trees.
  • Windows authentication to determine access to the application.
  • Centralized templates to provide uniformly branded reports.
  • Point-and-click access to summaries, account details, and transactional data.
  • Automated bursting to schedule run times, formats, and recipients.

FYIsoft for report writing

FYIsoft offers a solution that checks all the boxes of what a financial report writer should offer. ReportFYI is an automated financial report writing software that increases productivity through a smart and dynamic design that streamlines the report generation process end to end.

Ideal for CFOs, accountants, and companies of any size, FYIsoft’s award winning report writer is secure, 100% web-based, and available 24/7 from anywhere.

ReportFYI is deployed on-premises. CloudFYI is also available as a cloud-based financial reporting and accounting software. Deploying ReportFYI in the cloud is a secure way to conduct financial reporting. Cloud deployment can increase productivity and lower IT costs.

About FYIsoft

Founded in 2012, FYIsoft is focused on simplifying even the most complex financial environments with innovative software designed to enable fast, accurate, perfectly formatted financial reports – accessible 24/7 wherever, whenever business needs dictate. Over 8,500 finance professionals around the world rely on our cloud financial reporting software.

FYIsoft is SOC 2 Type I certified, ensuring that the security, integrity and processes of our company meet the stringent standards established by the internationally-recognized AICPA.

The talented team behind FYIsoft has decades of experience in areas including enterprise resource planning, finance and accounting, and information technology. Formerly known as Renovo Corporation, FYIsoft serves a global customer base from its headquarters in Naples, Florida.

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