FYIsoft’s cloud financial reporting software delivers everything you’ve wanted in a reporting system, but perhaps never thought you could have. Easily integrated with your existing GL, FYIsoft securely accesses your GL data and provides the modern, cost-effective reporting solution you need, without replacing your core banking system. Key advantages include:

Ease of Use:

Intuitive interface and the ease of cloud software means no IT involvement is needed. (On-premise deployment also available.)


Easily meet daily close requirements and create the accurate reports you need with complete accuracy, within minutes, not hours.


Automate multi-entity reporting, multi-currency conversion, and other tough accounting challenges.

Explore FYIsoft’s powerful features below and allow us to show you how easy it is to supercharge your financial reporting.


Today’s bank environments have sophisticated accounting needs, particularly in the areas of financial statement preparation and distribution. FYIsoft is a cost-effective solution that connects with your GL and maximizes the value and efficiency of your existing banking system. You’ll gain these powerful features and many more:

Easier Daily Close

FYIsoft was designed to enable a faster, easier daily close. Direct access to your GL ensures data is pulled from the source without error.

Multi-Entity Consolidations

Easily consolidate many reporting units or companies with different GLs, data sources, chart of accounts, structures and fiscal calendars.

Automated Distribution

Keep management of all levels well-informed with automated distribution that ensures the right reports get to the right people.

Powerful Drill-Down

Web-based reports are delivered via secure email link. Users are empowered to conduct their own analyses and view details behind any transaction.

Perfectly Formatted Reports

Financial statements are perfectly formatted and ready for the Board, Federal Reserve, or SEC
right out of the system with no manual editing needed.

24/7 Access, Any Device

Secure cloud reports can be accessed by authorized users 24/7, from any internet-enabled device.

The Impact of a Faster Daily Close

FYIsoft customers rave about the time and cost savings experienced, and you will too. To begin painting the picture, consider the time savings that our modern reporting solution could deliver to your team. What could you do with hours of extra time every month?


Minutes off your daily close


Minutes saved every month


Hours of valuable staff time

That’s valuable time you won’t spend on manual tasks, making corrections, or distributing inaccurate reports. Schedule a demo and see what the power of FYIsoft can do for you.


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