Increase the Relevancy of Your Financial Reports

Bar GraphAccurate and actionable financial reporting is the foundation for businesses. However, more and more complexities have CFOs rethinking how they gather, analyze, and report their financial data. The days of solely relying on spreadsheets are over. Keeping up with business, market, and regulatory demands, as well as staying competitive, requires solutions that enable you to accelerate your financial reporting productivity.

In the past, the focus of financial reporting was keeping score of operating results. However, today the focus has shifted to providing relevant information that will increase flexibility and productivity. There is more data available than ever before, but data alone is of little use unless it is presented in a way that is immediately useful to you and your organization. By automating financial reporting, you deliver a valuable business tool that is accurate, timely, and relevant, enabling your staff to gain the insight needed to run your business more efficiently and cost effectively.

Provide stakeholders with relevant information that enables them to make important and timely business decisions.

  • Anytime, anywhere report access
  • Drill down to transaction details
  • User-friendly report concepts (rows, columns, orgs)
  • Side-by-side balance sheets
  • Advanced report packaging and distribution
  • Rolling forecasts
  • Flexible report design