Financial Services Accounting Software

The disruption within the Financial Services industry continues at a rapid pace. From customer and regulatory demands to new competition and advanced technologies, the challenges for CFOs are mounting.

FYIsoft solutions reduce these pressures by providing the reporting flexibility and agility needed to gather, analyze, and quickly determine the financial health of your business. Our solutions integrate with virtually any of your source systems, and feature a user-friendly, spreadsheet-style interface so that your staff can easily manage increasing volumes of data from multiple sources.

Drill down into the details with a level of control and visibility that is not available with spreadsheet-driven solutions. Our software simplifies complex financial environments by minimizing risk, providing the highest degree of data integrity, and managing regulatory compliance.

“I knew working with FYIsoft was the right choice starting with their efficient and effective training that enabled my organization to begin using the solution right away. The value of the application significantly streamlines the period-end closing process, saving hours of valuable time as well as offering flexible reporting for our specific requirements."

Elizabeth Colby, CFO, Capital Financial Holdings, Inc.

Hospitality Accounting Software

The Hospitality industry encompasses a wide array of businesses such as lodging, food and beverage, as well as travel and tourism. Two critical success factors of this industry are customer satisfaction and the world economy, so it is imperative to efficiently manage the financial side of your business. Completing your financial close each month can be increasingly difficult and risky with disparate systems, rising volumes of financial information, and relying solely on spreadsheets.

By automating your accounting and financial management reporting, you will have the visibility into your business that is needed to make informed decisions and increase profitability. Reduce the time it takes to close your books, and reallocate the time you spend on identifying errors and reconciliation to performing deep analysis on the data to gain insight into areas of improvement.

With our cloud-based solution, you can easily manage your business and financial reporting with the ability to scale up and down for seasonality, as well as the other trends and factors unique to your business.

“With all of the growth that our brands (Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, and full-service restaurants) have experienced, and all of our many locations across the U.S., we needed a way to distribute individual financial statements in a manner that was efficient, automated, and reliable. FYIsoft gave us this capability.”

Corbin Watson, Accounting Specialist, Peterson Burge Enterprises

Insurance Accounting Software

Insurance companies face many challenges because their success depends on multiple key performance indicators such as business growth, regulatory compliance, new competition, and changing customer demands. Therefore, it is critical to automate as many facets of business as possible, and financial reporting is a great place to start.

On the upside, technology has come a long way in helping to meet day-to-day reporting challenges. Despite that fact, many insurance firms are still using manual processes for reporting, which does not help reduce the mounds of paperwork, potential human errors, and increased time and costs to get to financial close.

FYIsoft solutions enable insurance organizations to produce on-demand reporting that automatically gathers data from multiple sources and companies, reducing the time it takes to create accurate, unique reports for internal and external stakeholders. Simplify complex reporting environments by automating manual processes for more accurate data and increased efficiency, and spend more time focusing on strategic initiatives that further business growth.

“We chose FYIsoft for its ability to provide on-demand financial reporting from any device, including our phones, as well as the solution’s automated email distribution capability.”

Scot Moore, EVP, Lighthouse Property Insurance Corporation

Other Industries

FYIsoft solutions enable organizations in various industries such as healthcare, gaming, non-profit, food and beverage, and agriculture, to automate, integrate, and simplify financial reporting.

Regardless of your industry type or company size, our solutions reduce the time and resources needed to consolidate, report on, and analyze important financial information, helping to reduce operating costs.

By automating manual financial processes, you can increase productivity and reduce your time to close from weeks to hours. In addition, utilize our automatic distribution to reduce the risk of missing deadlines, as well as ensure that the right information gets to the right people, at the right time.

"FYIsoft’s cloud-based reporting application allows me to quickly and easily access our financial data. I had to convert old reports from six different divisions within our company, and their solution made that complex task simple. The ability to drill down into detailed information, right from the financial statement without having to go to the GL saves me so much time. Also, their support and training was hands-on – I found it to be priceless."

Yasmin Jafroodi, Administrative Manager, GroLink Plant Company, Inc.