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What Do Businesses Look For in a Financial Report Writer?

Financial report writers should automate financial reporting to increase productivity for your business.

A good financial report writer should be easy to implement and easy to use. Being able to slice and dice data in an accessible way is imperative. This affords your organization the ability to make educated business decisions based on timely and accurate data.

When a business is shopping for a new financial report writer, there are various features to look for. These features include:

  • Integration with Excel and all major general ledger systems (read here why Excel is a bad choice).
  • Ability to dynamically pull data from multiple sources and formats.
  • Use of familiar concepts like rows, columns, and organizational trees.
  • Multi-company consolidations (different currencies, account numbers, and calendars).
  • Auditing component to ensure general ledger accounts are not duplicated or missing.
  • Permission controls to secure user access to data, report components, and organizational trees.
  • Windows authentication to determine access to the application.
  • Centralized templates to provide uniformly branded reports.
  • Point-and-click access to summaries, account details, and transactional data.
  • Automated bursting to schedule run times, formats, and recipients.

FYIsoft for report writing

FYIsoft offers a solution that checks all the boxes of what a financial report writer should offer. ReportFYI is an automated financial report writing software that increases productivity through a smart and dynamic design that streamlines the report generation process end to end.

Ideal for CFOs, accountants, and companies of any size, FYIsoft’s award winning report writer is secure, 100% web-based, and available 24/7 from anywhere.

ReportFYI is deployed on-premises. CloudFYI is also available as a cloud-based financial reporting and accounting software. Deploying ReportFYI in the cloud is a secure way to conduct financial reporting. Cloud deployment can increase productivity and lower IT costs.

About FYIsoft

Founded in 2012, FYIsoft is focused on simplifying even the most complex financial environments with innovative software designed to enable fast, accurate, perfectly formatted financial reports – accessible 24/7 wherever, whenever business needs dictate. Over 8,500 finance professionals around the world rely on our cloud financial reporting software.

FYIsoft is SOC 2 Type I certified, ensuring that the security, integrity and processes of our company meet the stringent standards established by the internationally-recognized AICPA.

The talented team behind FYIsoft has decades of experience in areas including enterprise resource planning, finance and accounting, and information technology. Formerly known as Renovo Corporation, FYIsoft serves a global customer base from its headquarters in Naples, Florida.

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Changing Financial Process

Why Changing your Financial Reporting Process Now is Crucial Before the New Year

We all like a fresh start with the new year rolls around on January 1. There’s no better than time than now to prepare your business for a brighter future. Set your business up for success now by revamping your financial reporting process so the big changes you’re looking to achieve are possible in 2019.

Why change your financial reporting process now?

Financial reports provide the data and insight from which all business decisions are made. For today’s finance teams, it is critical that these reports be accurate, easy to produce, and board-ready at a moment’s notice.

The report applications found in more ERP systems don’t cut it for today’s complex accounting needs. That is why partnering with a cloud-based solution provider is the first order of business to revamp your financial reporting process. A cloud-based solution that is specifically designed to integrate with your existing GL system and dramatically improve reporting processes makes it easy to improve upon your existing processes.

Still using FRx?

Microsoft retired its outdated FRx reporting solution over five years ago. If you’re of the many still using this outdated and retired solution, once FRx crashes, it’s too late. Don’t risk another financial close relying on unsupported legacy software.

Plan ahead

If you want to make a change to your 2019 financial reports, waiting until the last week of December is not the way to do it. If new software is what you’re after, start researching and building a case for it now. If process improvements are your plan, setting them in motion now will only help you as the new year draws closer.

How FYIsoft can help

A cloud-based solution like FYIsoft can help you meet your financial reporting goals for the new year.

For one, FYIsoft offers a FRx report conversion. With a familiar architecture that’s similar to FRx, FYIsoft’s cloud financial reporting software easily converts your FRx reports at the database level so the conversion process is accurate and consistent.

Furthermore, FYIsoft focuses on one thing: developing the best financial reporting software available without compromising the security of your core financial data.

The benefits include:

  • Faster period close can save up to five days, allowing more time for analysis
  • Easier consolidations, even for complex multi-company entities
  • Streamlined, accurate report distributions – automatically formatted every time
  • Secure, 24/7 access to transactional data, from anywhere, anytime

Start the new year off on the right foot. Contact FYIsoft today to learn more about how FYIsoft can help your business achieve its goals.

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Financial Report Writer

Need a Financial Report Writer That Can Cut 10+ Days Off Your Period Close?

Financial reports provide the data and insight from which all business decisions are made. For today’s finance teams, it is crucial that those reports be accurate, easy to produce, and board-ready at a moment’s notice.

As an accounting professional, you’re well-versed on other report applications found in most ERP systems that just don’t cut it. But FYIsoft is committed to delivering the best available cloud financial reporting software, specifically designed to integrate with your GL system and dramatically improve reporting processes, even in the most complex financial environments.

FYIsoft’s financial report writer can help you cut 10+ days off your period close. Among a faster period close, benefits include:

  • Easier Report Generation: Our component-based cloud architecture simplifies consolidations, even for complex multi-company entities.
  • Efficient Report Distribution: Secure, web-based distribution process ensures you get the right data to the right people, whenever they need it.
  • Mobile Access: Access to financial reports 24/7, through any device, ensures you’re always ready with accurate, reliable data.
  • Data Integrity: With our cloud reports, users can drill down and analyze their own expenses – without the ability to change the data.
  • ROI Within Weeks: A low total cost of ownership, combined with increases in productivity, will deliver ROI in as little as eight weeks.

FYIsoft’s financial report writer also solves these common business dilemmas:

  • Multiple GL systems: FYIsoft standardizes data so you can integrate with as many GL systems as needed, saving weeks if not months of time.
  • Currency conversions: For multinational companies, FYIsoft automates currency conversions, greatly simplifying the consolidation of global financials.
  • Multiple entities (companies, branches, divisions, franchises): Companies that generate 100+ reports every month find huge relief with FYIsoft. FYIsoft can slice and dice any distributions needed, giving you confidence that you’re delivering the right data to the right people.

FYIsoft can propel you forward

Cutting days off your period close can help your business focus on strategy and advisory services. It frees up time for your accounting team to do what they do best, and it minimizes the risk of erroneous, inaccurate data leaking to your executives and board.

FYIsoft leans on cloud-based functionality to streamline and automate processes, making your period close as quick and easy as possible.

Request a demo today and learn how FYIsoft can cut 10+ days off your next period close.

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FYIsoft: Financial Reporting Software that Adds Value to your Entire Team

At FYIsoft, the focus is on developing the best financial reporting software available. FYIsoft integrates with your existing general ledger, providing benefits of the cloud without compromising security of your core financial data.

Because of its reach, FYIsoft offers value to your entire team, from administrative staff all the way up to the executives and board. Benefits like a faster period close, easier consolidations, streamlined report generation and distribution, and secure access benefit your company at all levels.

How FYIsoft stacks up

When the time comes to upgrade your software, it’s important to get buy-in from the whole team. Fortunately, FYIsoft can help all levels of your organization. FYIsoft helps your team in the following ways:

Executive & Board

When it comes to accounting, key decision makers typically care about one thing: reporting. They rely on you to deliver accurate, fast reports, whenever and wherever they need them. With FYIsoft, meeting those demands become extraordinarily easy…and you become a star.

Snapshot view: Executive officers can gain accurate, immediate reports–anytime, anywhere.


FYIsoft is proven to cut 10+ days off the financial close. That’s time you can now use to focus on the analytics and earn yourself a seat at the strategic table. Your team’s improved speed and quality of reports will showcase your financial expertise.

Snapshot view: CFOs can communicate proactively with strategic insights and board-ready reports.


When consolidations go wrong, or deadlines are not met, you’re the one to blame. FYIsoft can end all those late nights and last-minute fire drills. You can now confidently create and share reports in minutes, even when multiple entities, different GLs, or global currencies are involved.

Snapshot view: Controllers/Directors gain the ability to produce reports with extreme precision and efficiency.

Administrative Staff

With intuitive cloud-based software, reports are easy to setup or change. Report distribution is also a breeze, and users are empowered with drill down capabilities that allow independent analysis, without compromising data integrity.

Snapshot view: Staff enjoys ease of use and ability to create reports without reliance on IT.

FYIsoft for the entire organization

FYIsoft’s easy to use cloud solutions simplify even the most complex financial reporting demands by automating manual processes and enabling you to get the right information to the right people, exactly when they need it.

Request a demo today and learn how FYIsoft can help your organization, from administrative staff to the board and beyond.

Download the full infographic here.


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