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Analytics Software: projecting revenues, EXPENSES AND CASH FLOW

Tired of Rolling the Dice?

Even in good times, projecting revenue and cash flow are filled with uncertainty. But when the global economy is in turmoil and recovery times are unknown, forecasting is even more difficult. 

AnalyticsFYI replaces the guesswork with AI technology that leverages leading economic forecasts. 

Predictive Power, Right From Your Dashboard

With a simple integration into your GL, the AI power behind AnalyticsFYI will greatly improve your forecasting capabilities. Our software is designed to deliver all this power and more to CFOs and analysts in seconds, without the need for IT or consultants.

Historical performance against macro economic data

AnalyticsFYI analyzes decades of historical data and can help you understand how your company growth has moved with economic indicators like GDP over the past decade.

analytics software projecting revenue 1
Analytics Software Projecting Revenues 2

Projected revenue based on leading market forecasts

With the help of FYIsoft’s AI-engine, correlation to GDP integrated with leading economic forecasts allows for intelligent revenue projections extending into multiple quarters.

Projected operating leverage and expense forecasts

FYIsoft’s AI and predictive power analyzes your company’s financial data, applying certain historical financial ratios that can help forecast expenses.

analytics software projecting net income

Projected net income based on reasonable data and sound assumptions

With relevant, meaningful revenue and expense projections, you can more confidently forecast net income and greatly improve cash flow projections.

Projected cash flow to guide your company's most crucial decisions

FYIsoft’s AnalyticsFYI gives you the power to more accurately project cash flow for your company, even in the midst of uncertainty. As internal or external environments change, your forecasting models can more easily adapt, without hiring additional staff.

AI-Powered Analytics Software

Strong ROI: Add the Skills of an Analyst Without the Costs

Cash Flow Projections With Confidence

AnalyticsFYI is so powerful, you’ll feel like you’ve added to your FP&A staff – but without the costs. It would take a talented analyst 6-12 months to analyze comparable data and develop relevant projections. By then, new forecast models would make their projections obsolete. Maximize your ROI and your current team’s results with AnalyticsFYI.

See FYIsoft in Action

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