Supercharge Your Financial Reporting Power with FYIsoft

FYIsoft is a powerful financial reporting solution that is proven to cut financial reporting time by up to 50%, even in complex multi-entity or global currency environments.

FYIsoft integrates with your general ledger to deliver modern reporting capabilities without the high cost of replacing your existing systems. In most environments, finance teams can purchase, implement, and use our financial reporting software without relying on IT assistance or lengthy budget approvals.

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Power that cannot be matched with excel-Based report writers

Faster Period Close

Built to simplify even the toughest reporting challenges and save ten or more days with every close.

Easier ReportGeneration

Cloud software is intuitive and enables users to setup and change reports without IT involvement.

True Automated Distribution

Powerful “one-click” automation ensures the right reports get to the right people, at just the right time.

Multi-Entity Reporting

FYIsoft makes consolidating data from different sources, locations and currencies quick and easy.

Powerful Drill Down

Users are empowered to drill down and view all transaction-level details, including attached invoices.

24/7 Access

Secure, cloud reports provide users with the ability to access financial reports from any device, anywhere.

You Could Be Saving 30 Days Too

Customer Success

Marley Management faced significant challenges during close that resulted in delayed cash flow reporting. See how FYIsoft solved that challenge – and shortened the reporting process by 30 days.

"We were literally able to cut one month off of our reporting time…[FYIsoft] allows us to close quickly, run reports, do our reviews and analysis, and archive the information digitally."

-Brad Jameson

Marley Management Corporation Senior Director of Finance and IT

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