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Whitepapers and eBooks

Excel for Reporting

Whitepaper: Excel for Financial Reporting

The Dark Side of Excel

Artificial Intelligence

FYIsoft Website Download Cover for Whitepaper

Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the Finance and Accounting Organizations

Financial Reporting

FYIsoft Download Cover - CFO Whitepaper Why CFOs are Trading in Their Spreadsheets for Automated, Cloud Solutions

Zero-Based Budgeting

FYIsoft Download Cover - Whitepaper ZBB

What Every Finance Leader Should Know About Zero-Based Budgeting

On-Demand Webinars

Register to watch our webinars and learn how finance and accounting professionals worldwide are improving productivity 50% or more with FYIsoft’s reporting, analytics and budgeting software.

Solution Brochures

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Financial Reporting 

FYIsoft Product Brochure Covers ReportFYI

Financial Analytics

FYIsoft Product Brochure Covers AnalyticsFYI


FYIsoft Product Brochure Covers BudgetFYI

Case Studies

Download FYIsoft’s case studies and get to know our customers, the challenges we help them solve, and why they say, “FYIsoft is awesome…there’s nothing else like it!”

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