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Financial Reporting for WorkWise

FYIsoft is integrated with the WorkWise ERP general ledger, providing superior financial reporting for WorkWise customers. Learn about the features that can improve productivity 50% or more.

Financial Reporting for Aptean/WorkWise

Ideal for multi-entity, multi-GL environments.

FYIsoft integrates with your Aptean/WorkWise GL to deliver powerful financial reporting capabilities without replacing your ERP. Our software is designed to simplify financial reporting in complex reporting environments with features including

  • Automated consolidation of multiple entities/companies, different GLs or currencies
  • Automated, one-click report distribution sends the right report packages to the right people (with 100% accuracy)
  • Automated, presentation-ready  report formatting
  • Report flexibility and easy changes to create ANY report or view, with a simple drag-and-drop
  • Powerful drill down enables users to click to view all transaction-level details behind any account
  • Secure, accurate data with 24/7 access, and without the risks of Excel or manual imports/exports

Key Features

Automated Consolidations

Easily consolidate multiple entities, even if they have different general ledgers, charts of accounts, currencies, or fiscal calendars.

Presentation-Ready Reports

Financial statements are perfectly formatted and ready for executive presentations, right out of the system, with no manual editing required.

Secure, One-Click Distribution

All reports can be scheduled in advance or sent immediately with just one click, and with complete confidence that the right people get the right reports.

Easy to Add or Change Reports

A unique “building block” approach makes FYIsoft extremely easy to learn and use, without IT assistance or coding required.​

Powerful Drill Down

Web-based reports are delivered via secure email link. Users are empowered to perform their own analysis by drilling down to view transaction level details.​

Flexible Report Output

In addition to web-based reports, completed reports can also be easily exported in any format needed, including PDF or XLS.


"Excel is flexible but corruptible, which makes it dangerous. The prospect of putting something as critical as our financial information into it made us very uncomfortable…FYIsoft stood out as the clear Excel-alternative. We cut the completion cycle for reports by 50%."
-Becky Roth
Mutual Insurance Company of Arizona

Take Advantage of Our WorkWise Integration Today

Schedule a demo and allow us to show you how our integration with WorkWise makes it easy to dramatically improve your financial reporting capabilities, without replacing your
ERP solution.

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