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Premier Financial Reporting for Epicor

When Epicor's financial reporting power is not enough for your multi-entity or multi-GL reporting challenges, it's time to add FYIsoft.

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Turbocharge Your Epicor Financial Reporting

Available in the cloud or on-premises, FYIsoft's solutions integrate with Epicor so you can gain powerful, modern reporting capabilities without the high cost of replacing your ERP.

Reduce financial reporting time 50% or more, even in multi-entity, multi-GL environments.

Through an easy integration with Epicor, FYIsoft greatly simplifies complex reporting challenges with features like:

  • Automated consolidation of multiple entities/companies, different GLs or currencies
  • Automated, one-click report distribution sends the right report packages to the right people (with 100% accuracy)
  • Automated, presentation-ready  report formatting
  • Report flexibility and easy changes to create ANY report or view, with a simple drag-and-drop
  • Powerful drill down enables users to click to view all transaction-level details behind any account
  • Secure, accurate data with 24/7 access, and without the risks of Excel or manual imports/exports
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See Why Epicor Customers Love FYIsoft

Our brief demo video will highlight some of the key features that make FYIsoft so powerful: 

  • Extremely easy to learn and use
  • Set up or change reports, without IT or coding
  • Flexibility to view reports any way needed
  • Automated, unlimited multi-entity consolidations and currency conversion
  • True one-click automated report distribution
  • Presentation-ready, formatted reports


With all of the growth we experienced and so many locations, we needed a way to distribute individual financial statements in a manner that was efficient, automated and reliable… [FYIsoft] is absolutely amazing.
Corbin Watson, Accounting Specialist
Desert De Oro Foods, Inc.
FYIsoft helped us convert 3000 FRx reports that we use for our customers’ tax preparation. The reports are quick and easy to prepare and distribute – we are thankful this product exists.
Brad Jameson, Director of Finance and IT
Marley Management Corporation
The ability to drill down into detailed information, right from the financial statement without having to go to the GL saves me so much time. Also, their support and training was hands-on – I found it to be priceless.
Yasmin Jafroodi, Administrative Manager
GroLink Plant Company
The reporting that came with [our ERP] is basic and wasn’t working well for us. FYIsoft’s support team did a great job implementing the solution. We really like the ability to drill down to account details and see invoice information. And the distribution options make it easy to send each cost center reports containing their own financial information, not everyone else’s too.
Rick Wehling, Senior Cost Accountant
Rhino Foods
Excel is flexible but corruptible, which makes it dangerous. FYIsoft was the right alternative. It’s efficient and effective, is super easy and just works the way you need it to. We cut the completion cycle for reports by 50%.
Becky Roth, Financial Reporting & Systems Analyst
Mutual Insurance Company of Arizona
It takes only seconds to run a report with real-time financial information. No other financial reporting solution even comes close to FYIsoft.
Brad Jameson, Director of Finance and IT
Marley Management Corporation
City Light and Power
We’ve nearly doubled in size and I save so much time with FYIsoft. When we make changes, the reports are automatically updated. FYIsoft solved our reporting challenges and helped me step into a more strategic role.
Rachel VonSiebenhoven, Controller
City Light & Power
The ability to generate financial statements for selected divisions, with the ability to customize consolidated reports, is why we chose FYIsoft. We’ve seen a huge difference in the ease with which we can now create our financial reports.
John Friedel, CFO
Baldwin Paving

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