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FRx Reporting

Everything you loved, and so much more.

See why FYIsoft is the ideal FRx reporting replacement. You won't believe how easy the transition is. We even automate the conversion of all your existing FRx reports!

frx reporting replacement

Easy Transition for FRx Reporting Users

Similar structure and ease of use, but with powerful automation features that you'll never outgrow.

FYIsoft provides former FRx reporting users with a pain-free migration path away from unsupported, risky software. With FYIsoft, you'll discover all the reporting power needed, with software that is fully supported and continually enhanced.

Auto Multi-Entity Consolidations

Automate the consolidation of data from different sources: entities, GL systems, charts of accounts, or currencies.

Automated Formatting

Automatically generate perfectly formatted financial statements, ready for the boardroom right out of the system.

Automated Distribution

Distribute or schedule ALL reports with just one click; flexibility to send any report format needed: web, PDF, XLS, other.

Similar Look and Feel

FYIsoft has a similar structure with rows, columns, trees which makes it easy to learn, use, and create/change reports.

Powerful Drill Down

Empower users to better understand their reports with the ability to drill down and view all transaction details.

Secure Cloud Access

Secure, 24/7 access to reporting through any web-enabled device, without requiring VPN connectivity.

And, we’ll save your team DAYS of work by automatically converting all of your existing FRx reports!

Testimonials: "It's Like FRx on Steroids!"

"I was comfortable with FRx but our IT department forced the change. In hindsight I'm so glad they did. FYIsoft is like FRx on steroids!"
Mark H.
Accounting Manager
"FYIsoft was such an easy transition, there was virtually no learning curve. There's no other solution like it. FYIsoft is absolutely amazing and I love it!"
Brad J.
Director of Finance and IT
"FYIsoft converted all of our FRx reports with amazing 95% accuracy, eliminating the need to redesign all our reports manually. It was a huge time saver."
Becky R.
Financial Reporting Analyst

Case Studies

See how former Microsoft FRx users are loving the transition to FYIsoft's powerful financial reporting software.


After evaluating reporting options on the market, “FYIsoft was the clear standout. We reduced financial reporting time 50%.” 


With over 300 locations, “Our reporting life would be miserable if we didn’t have FYIsoft and its amazing, time-saving features!”

Financial Services

“We cut one month off our reporting time. There is no other financial reporting solution out there that even comes close to FYIsoft.”

The Ideal FRx Reporting Replacement

Discover why former FRx reporting customers love FYIsoft.

FYIsoft’s FRx reporting replacement solution, ReportFYI, offers the same ease of use, but with enterprise strength and features.

With familiar components of rows, columns, and organizational trees, you’ll be up and running quickly with a powerful financial reporting solution that is fully supported and continually enhanced.

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