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Management Reporter Replacement

See why FYIsoft's ReportFYI® is the ideal Management Reporter replacement for companies with complex financial reporting needs like multi-company consolidations.

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Powerful Management Reporter Replacement

No learning curve, no disruption, no expiration date. The transition from Management Reporter couldn’t be easier.

The Ideal Management Reporter Replacement

  • Did you make the move to D365 Business Central and now find yourself missing Management Reporter? 
  • Are you planning a future move to BC, and seeking a new reporting solution since Management Reporter cannot move to the cloud with you? 
  • Are you proactively preparing for the impending retirement of Management Reporter?

In either scenario, FYIsoft is the ideal Management Reporter replacement, providing everything you loved and so much more. 

“When I saw the software, the ability to keep our existing reports and create new ones, and the great support offered by FYIsoft, I was confident that this was the right solution for us.”

Melanie Yaldo, Controller, Business Central Customer

Management Reporter Replacement Success Stories

Featured Case Studies

Featured Image - Sprenger

80 Entities, 50% Time Savings

“We moved from GP to BC which left a big gap in reporting without Management Reporter. The minute I saw ReportFYI, I knew I could begin using it right away. With FYIsoft we have cut our reporting time by at least 50% if not more.”

Featured Image - PlumMkt

No Learning Curve, Easy Transition

“The reporting that came with BC lacked what we needed, and the Excel-based option was a step down. For anyone going through a similar transition and looking for a Management Reporter replacement, I definitely recommend FYIsoft.”

Hear Annette's Testimony

My Favorite Things About This Management Reporter Replacement

Here's why Annette chooses FYIsoft as her Management Reporter replacement.

When I saw all the functionality in FYIsoft, I knew right away THIS is everything that's been missing with Management Reporter. In addition to everything you love about MR, here are a few of my favorite added features that I've gained with FYIsoft:

  • Automated consolidation of data from different sources. No more downloading trial balances and manually importing/exporting between systems! 
  • Automated distribution that gives additional flexibility to share reports with not only licensed users but also external stakeholders, in any format needed. 
  • Better management of report library with ability to set expiration dates for auto-deletion. 
  • Multi-currency conversion (the way it should be done!).
  • Integrated suite for reporting, budgeting and analytics. The single platform with shared data across all modules is powerful. 
  • Continued development of the software.
Annette transp


Management Reporter expert and financial reporting enthusiast.

Everything you loved about Management Reporter, and so much more.

Cloud-based financial reporting software; similar to Management Reporter but with even greater automation power.

No Learning Curve

With a familiar “rows, columns, trees” structure, most Management Reporter users have little-to-no learning curve.

Conversion of Existing Reports

No need to recreate all those Management Reporter reports. We'll auto convert them with amazing accuracy.

Multi-Entity Consolidations

Automate the consolidation of financial data from different entities, companies, locations, departments, etc.

Automated Distribution

Auto-distribute ALL reports with just one click; flexibility to send any format needed: web, PDF, XLS, more.

Powerful Drill Down

Report owners can click on any account to view all the transaction-level details, including scanned invoices.

Integrated Budgeting, Analytics

ReportFYI is part of a fully integrated suite, bringing time-saving automation to reporting, budgeting, analytics.

Download Brochure: FYIsoft for Microsoft

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