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Management Reporter Replacement

See why FYIsoft is the #1 Management Reporter Replacement for companies with complex reporting needs such as multi-entity or multi-GL consolidations.

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Powerful Management Reporter Replacement
Our report conversion tool automates the transfer of reports to FYIsoft with amazing accuracy.

As a Microsoft partner, FYIsoft is committed to helping Microsoft customers optimize their Dynamics ERP solution with all the reporting power needed today, and tomorrow. FYIsoft is the premier Management Reporter replacement solution for multi-entity, multi-GL environments, providing these capabilities and more.

Multi-Entity/GL Consolidations

Automate the consolidation of multiple data sources: entities, GL systems, charts of accounts, or currencies.

Presentation-Ready Reports

Automatically generate perfectly formatted financial statements, ready for the boardroom right out of the system.

Automated Distribution

Auto-distribute ALL reports with just one-click; flexibility to send any format needed: web, PDF, XLS, more.

No Excel Risks

Protect the data integrity of your financial statements, eliminate manual errors and imports/exports.

Powerful Drill Down

Empower users to better understand their reports with the ability to drill down and view all transaction details.

Secure Cloud Reports

Keep financial reports secure while enabling convenient access 24/7, through any web-enabled device.

Rows, Columns, Trees: The Flexibility You Love
Dimensional reporting, any way you need it.

The familiarity and ease of the rows, columns, trees structure is all right here, built into FYIsoft. This provides amazing power to create any report or view needed with a simple drag-and-drop.

FYIsoft solutions are integrated with the entire Dynamics ERP ecosystem, along with many other ERP systems. Which means, no matter which ERP you move to in the future, FYIsoft remains your go-to reporting solution. Schedule a demo and see why Management Reporter customers love FYIsoft.

Meet Annette:
A Few of My Favorite Things
Here's why Annette chooses FYIsoft as her Management Reporter replacement.

When I saw all the functionality in FYIsoft, I knew right away THIS is everything that's been missing with Management Reporter. In addition to everything you love about MR, here are a few of my favorite added features that I've gained with FYIsoft:

  • Automated consolidation of data from different sources. No more downloading trial balances and manually importing/exporting between systems! 
  • Automated distribution that gives additional flexibility to share reports with not only licensed users but also external stakeholders, in any format needed. 
  • Better management of report library with ability to set expiration dates for auto-deletion. 
  • Multi-currency conversion (the way it should be done!).
  • Integrated suite for reporting, budgeting and analytics. The single platform with shared data across all modules is powerful. 
  • Continued development of the software.
Annette transp


Management Reporter expert and financial reporting enthusiast.
The Premier Financial Reporting, Budgeting and Analytics Solution for All Microsoft Dynamics ERPs
Wherever you are in the Microsoft ecosystem, we've got you covered.

FYIsoft is your go-to financial reporting and FP&A solution for enterprise needs, no matter which Dynamics ERP you use. This versatility means that if you decide to move to a different ERP in the future, FYIsoft goes with you. We aim to be the last reporting and FP&A solution you'll ever need.

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