Simplify multi-entityfinancial reporting

For businesses with decentralized operations involving varying entities, locations, and financial data, uniform reporting is essential. But that’s easier said than done when individual entities bring different account codes, financial statements and general ledger systems.

FYIsoft’s cloud financial reporting software takes the pain out of this process and makes consolidating data from different sources, locations and currencies quick and easy. FYIsoft customers report saving up to two weeks with every period close because of these features and more:

Integrates with any general ledger system to import and standardize data.

Automates the creation of beautifully formatted, consolidated reports.

Translates multi-national balances into a single currency
(or multiple currencies, if desired).

See how FYIsoft can provide a global picture of corporate financial performance for your multiple entities.

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and see how we can help you cut 10+ days off your period close process.

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Financial reporting is particularly challenging when consolidating multiple entities or locations. See how this booming franchisee has been transformed with FYIsoft. “With all of the growth we experienced and so many locations, we needed a way to distribute individual financial statements in a manner that was efficient, automated and reliable... [FYIsoft] is absolutely amazing.”

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Faster Period Close

Our customers cut up to 10+ days off their period close processes – time they can now spend on more value-added activities.

ROI Within Weeks

A low total cost of ownership, combined with increases in productivity, will deliver ROI in as little as eight weeks.

Data Integrity

With our cloud reports, users can drill down and analyze their own expenses – without the ability to change the data.

Mobile Access

Access to financial reports 24/7, through any device, ensures you’re always ready with accurate, reliable data.

Efficient Report Distribution

Secure, web-based distribution process ensures you get the right data to the right people, whenever they need it.

Easier Report Generation

Our component-based cloud architecture simplifies consolidations, even for complex multi-company entities.

Customer Raves

See how franchisors, management companies and other multi-entity corporations are cutting weeks of the financial close process with FYIsoft.

With all of the growth that our brands have experienced, and all of our many locations across the U.S., we needed a way to distribute individual financial statements in a manner that was efficient, automated, and reliable. FYIsoft gave us this capability.

Corbin Watson

Peterson Burge Enterprises (Taco Bell,KFC, Pizza Hut and more)

We also really like [FYIsoft’s] ability to drill down to account details and see invoice information... And the distribution options make it easy to send each cost center reports containing their own financial information, not everyone else’s too.

Rick Wehling

Rhino Foods

FYIsoft's cloud-based reporting application allows me to quickly and easily access our financial data. I had to convert old reports from six different divisions within our company, and their solution made that complex task simple.

Yasmin Jafroodi