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Multi-Entity Reporting

Don’t let multiple reporting units slow down your close. FYIsoft provides the premier solution for multi-entity reporting. After an easy integration with your ERP, you can create and distribute all your financial reports in seconds.

Simplify Multi-Entity Consolidation and Reporting

FYIsoft’s financial reporting software was designed for organizations with many reporting units such as companies, divisions, or locations. We make it extremely easy to:

  • Consolidate all that data into a standard format, even if (or when) multiple GLs or different account codes are involved.
  • Report on all those numbers – at both the unit and company levels (and everything in between), with perfectly formatted financial statements right out of the system.
  • Distribute reports with just the click of a button to any level needed, whether it’s to the owners of each reporting unit or the executives who oversee it all.

Schedule a demo and see how FYIsoft greatly simplifies the creation and distribution of financial statements, and saves our customers up to two weeks with every period close.

Turn Hours Into Minutes

Multi-Entity Customer Success

With over 300 restaurants and 6,500 employees, the creation and distribution of financial statements used to be a tedious, frustrating process for this finance team. Download the case study and see why this customer says “FYIsoft is absolutely amazing!”

“When I run a report, I just push a button and it sends to our 60 different report owners. They each receive their individual statements containing only the data they’re authorized to see. There are no more manual adjustments or emailing individual reports. It’s an amazing, time-saving feature.” ”

-Corbin Watson, Peterson Burge Enterprises

Desert De Oro Foods, Inc.

Multi-Entity Reporting

With 300 restaurants, fast-food franchisee turns multi-entity misery into 70% time savings.

Key Features that Simplify Multi-Entity Reporting

Data Standardization

FYIsoft integrates with any GL to import and standardize disparate data, even in environments that experience high growth or M&A activity.

Time-Saving Automation

Automate the creation of beautifully formatted, consolidated reports, removing the risk of human error and saving hours of time.

Global Currency Conversion

For global companies, CurrencyFYI translates multi-national balances into a single currency (or multiple currencies, if desired).

Multi-Entity Reporting on a Global Scale

Customer Success

With U.S. and European operations, the accounting department struggled with many challenges: consolidating and reporting on multiple entities, different general ledgers and charts of account, and converting global currencies. Download the case study and see how this customer cut their monthly financial close time by 38%.

“With FYIsoft, we automated the entire process, eliminated nearly all of the manual tasks, and reduced our month-end close cycle significantly.”

-Dan Cameron, CFO


Multi-Entity Reporting, Multi-GL Consolidation, Currency Conversion

Growing company with global operations automates these multi-entity reporting challenges and reduces their financial close time 38%.

Schedule a Demo and See the FYIsoft Difference

FYIsoft is committed to providing mutually beneficial partnership opportunities that will grow both of our businesses. We welcome a discussion and invite you to contact us to further explore the opportunities.

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