Multi-Entity Reporting

Don’t let multiple reporting units slow down your close. With FYIsoft you can create and distribute high volumes of reports in seconds.

Simplify Multi-Entity Consolidation and Reporting

FYIsoft’s financial reporting software was designed for organizations with many reporting units such as companies, divisions, or locations. We make it extremely easy to:

  • Consolidate all that data into a standard format, even if (or when) multiple GLs or different account codes are involved.
  • Report on all those numbers – at both the unit and company levels (and everything in between), with perfectly formatted financial statements right out of the system.
  • Distribute reports with just the click of a button to any level needed, whether it’s to the owners of each reporting unit or the executives who oversee it all.

Schedule a demo and see how FYIsoft greatly simplifies the creation and distribution of financial statements, and saves our customers up to two weeks with every period close.


"With all of the growth that our brands have experienced, and all of our many locations, we needed a way to distribute individual financial statements in a manner that was efficient, automated and reliable. FYIsoft gave us this capability."

Corbin Watson, Accounting Specialist
Peterson Burge Enterprises

Key Features that Simplify Multi-Entity Reporting

Data Standardization

FYIsoft integrates with any GL to import and standardize disparate data, even in environments that experience high growth or M&A activity.