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Get More Out of Your NetSuite Investment

Strengthen your NetSuite reporting capabilities through an integration with FYIsoft. Learn about the features that will boost productivity 50% or more.

Stronger Financial Reporting for NetSuite

For NetSuite customers that need easier financial reporting and more flexibility to create or change reports, there’s good news: FYIsoft delivers the modern, powerful reporting solution you’re seeking, without the need to replace your ERP.

We've worked with many NetSuite customers to solve some of their biggest financial reporting challenges, including:

  • Department-level reporting
  • Automated multi-entity consolidations
  • Automated report distribution
  • Automated report formatting
  • Report flexibility and easy changes with a simple drag-and-drop (no coding required)
  • Statistical calculations within reports

Accelerate Your Financial Close

Within just a few hours, we can have NetSuite users ready to leverage our powerful financial reporting capabilities without disruption, and without the high cost of replacing your ERP. Our customers report cutting their reporting time at least 50%, oftentimes more. You can be experiencing similar savings before your next close!

Automated Consolidations

Easily consolidate and report for multiple entities, even if they have different general ledgers, charts of accounts, currencies, or fiscal calendars.

Presentation-Ready Reports

Financial statements are perfectly formatted and ready for executive presentations, right out of the system, with no manual editing required.

Secure, One-Click Distribution

All reports can be scheduled in advance or sent immediately with just one click, and with complete confidence that the right people get the right reports.

Easy to Add or Change Reports

A unique “building block” approach makes FYIsoft extremely easy to learn and use, without IT assistance or coding required.​

Powerful Drill Down

Web-based reports are delivered via secure email link. Users are empowered to perform their own analysis by drilling down to view transaction level details.​

Flexible Report Output

In addition to web-based reports, completed reports can also be easily exported in any format needed, including PDF or XLS.

FYIsoft is already integrated with NetSuite. Implementation is fast and easy, and you can be up and running within hours.
Download our brochure and learn more about the powerful features awaiting NetSuite users.

Here's Why Companies Work With Us

  • We automate financial processes like consolidating financial data from multiple systems, turning days of work into minutes.
  • We extend the life of their current ERP investments, bringing amazing new value.
  • We deliver high-value FP&A software that yields  an impressive ROI in just a few short months.
  • Our integrated FP&A suite automates the data transfer between reporting, analytics and budgeting. This means accurate, real-time data and complete confidence in your financials.
  • FYIsoft easily adapts to changing business needs like M&A, restructuring and organic growth. Built with enterprise strength, we’re the FP&A solution you’ll never outgrow.


6 Ways NetSuite Users Get More Reporting Power

Here’s what NetSuite customers told us, and why they chose FYIsoft to supercharge their NetSuite reporting powers.

We've earned the trust of these customers and many more.

It would be our privilege to help you as well.

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