Cloud Financial Analytics Software

FYIAnalytics complements our core financial reporting solution and provides CFOs with powerful analytics capabilities. The ability to visualize data through interactive dashboards, closely monitor trends, and easily run instant “what if” scenarios are all just a click away.

With the addition of FYIAnalytics, finance-minded professionals can quickly glean critical insights from financial reports, and truly drive the business forward. Key benefits include:

Easy on-demand analysis

of data that always ties back to financial statements

Customizable data visualization tools

including dashboards focused on the KPIs and trends most important to finance executives

Flexibility to easily “slice and dice” data

any way needed, such as by product line, location or time frame

Dynamic charts and graphs

that are easily manipulated

Interactive financial presentations

with the ability to run instant “what if” scenarios

Go Ahead, Show Off Your Financial Expertise.

FYIAnalytics will have you prepared for anything. You’ll have the tools you need to proactively communicate strategic business insights and be ready with the financial intelligence needed to answer any question that comes your way.


Immediately visualize data through interactive dashboards


Closely monitor key performance indicators and trends


Instantly create multiple “what if” scenarios on the fly, with just a click

Modern, Affordable, Powerful: Financial Analytics Software Designed for CFOs

Excel-based analytics remain a viable option for small businesses. But if you’re at the helm of an enterprise, you likely understand that Excel was never designed to handle the complex needs of today’s CFO. FYIAnalytics is an affordable complement to our cloud financial reporting software, designed to elevate the CFO’s ability to quickly gain extraordinary insights and proactively communicate – anytime, anywhere.


Data is pulled directly from the GL without the risk of manual error


Revisions and updates are immediate, with just a click of a button


Dashboards reflect the metrics important to your business, not someone else’s


Multiple “what if” scenarios can be run with ease, in real-time (including during board meetings)