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Financial Analytics Software

Drastically slash your time and cost to build with our Power BI-centered financial analytics software.

financial analytics software

Bring Your Reporting Data to Life with Our Financial Analytics Software

AnalyticsFYI instantly transforms your ReportFYI data into rich, meaningful insights. While most analytics software requires an extensive build process, AnalyticsFYI delivers almost everything you need to meet the needs of your diverse stakeholders.​

  • Instant analysis: Flexibility to view data any way needed, or see transaction details, with just a click.
  • Loaded with features: Comprehensive software packed with features including pre-formulated  KPIs, ratios, dashboards.​
  • Time-saving accuracy: Integration with reporting data ensures analysis is based on accurate data without manual errors.
  • Designed for finance: Delivers the modern features and insights needed, without being overwhelmed by complexity or big data. 
financial analytics software

AnalyticsFYI: See the Difference

As an analyst or CFO, you know that the P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow statements are critical. But what happens next is a game-changer for those desiring more strategic roles.

AnalyticsFYI is fully integrated with ReportFYI, so your financial data is guaranteed to be accurate and timely across platforms - with no manual intervention, importing or exporting. Rich, visual dashboards give you at-a-glance power to truly understand the story your financials are telling you.

Pre-Built and Ready for Your Finishing Touches

AnalyticsFYI is built on Power BI and comes with pre-formulated KPIs, ratios, and trends that most analysts rely on. Our professional services team then works with you to further customize as needed for your business.

Templates Included Out of the Box:

Flexible Customization Examples:

Imagine the Possibilities. We'll Help.

We’ve done all the heavy lifting to get you started with a strong Power BI-centered analytics platform. With AnalyticsFYI, you avoid the heavy investment needed to build from scratch and instead only need to think about the finishing touches. Schedule a demo today and let's imagine the possibilities.

FYIsoft Analytics Anticipate Early

Time-Saving, Flexible Dashboards

Integrated reporting data gives you the power to view data any way needed, and click through to see transaction-level details, all from one screen.

FYIsoft Analytics Software Any Device

Ratios, Trends, Even Benchmarking

We provide you with a strong starting point from which our services team can customize to meet the needs of your various stakeholders.

AI-powered analytics software by FYIsoft

Industry-Specific or Economic Data

Pre-built templates provide the most common analysis tools but we can easily adapt the dashboards to make them highly relevant to you.

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