Over 8,500 users around the globe rely on our financial reporting solutions. Hear from our customers and learn how they’re benefiting from a faster, easier financial close.

On-Demand Reporting

“FYIsoft is light years ahead of the competition. Their automation eliminated the need to manually distribute reports and they also provide on-demand access to our financial statements from any device or location.”​

Multi-Entity Reporting

“With all of the growth we experienced and so many locations, we needed a way to distribute individual financial statements in a manner that was efficient, automated and reliable… [FYIsoft] is absolutely amazing.”

Superior to Excel

“Excel is flexible but corruptible, which makes it dangerous. FYIsoft was the right alternative. It’s efficient and effective, is super easy and just works the way you need it to. We cut the completion cycle for reports by 50%.”

Saved 10-14 Days Every Close

“FYIsoft’s reporting solution is dramatically better than what we had before, and has exceeded our expectations.”​

Speed and Performance

“It saves us an incredible amount of time on completing our financials. I am free to focus on other business-critical tasks.”​

Easy, Real-Time Reporting

“It takes only seconds to run a report with real-time financial information. No other financial reporting solution even comes close to FYIsoft.”​

What Our Customers are Saying About Us

“FYIsoft’s cloud-based reporting ap