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ERP/GL Integrations

Get stronger financial reporting, budgeting, and analytics, and more value from your ERP or general ledger investment, through an easy integration with FYIsoft.

About FYIsoft’s

ERP/GL Integrations

Connect with ANY GL:

FYIsoft’s cloud connector can integrate with any existing ERP or GL to deliver powerful financial reporting and analytics capabilities. Gain immediate efficiencies without the high cost of replacing your ERP.

Connect with ALL your GLs:

When high growth and M&A activity necessitate the need to manage many different general ledgers, FYIsoft is unmatched in our ability to connect with all of them to simplify multi-GL consolidation and standardize reporting.

Improve Reporting, Budgeting, and Analytics Without the High Cost of Replacing Your ERP or GL

If you  need more reporting and analysis power than your current ERP/GL provides, it's time to take a closer look at FYIsoft's smart value.

Quick implementation
In many cases we can have you up and running within hours, without disruption.

Cloud or On-Prem
Native cloud delivers near real-time reporting data for cloud or on-prem ERP.

Add Value to Any GL
Get all the modern reporting power you need without replacing your ERP.

Easily Adapts to Change
Designed to grow with your business no matter what GL you use in the future.

Examples of FYIsoft's ERP/GL Integrations

FYIsoft's financial reporting and analytics solutions bring new life to your ERP investment. Whether your GL is lacking the modern power you need or you feel stuck with a legacy system, an integration with FYIsoft will drive new levels of productivity.

FYIsoft supports dozens of ERP systems, including these and more. If your GL is holding you back, allow us to show you the power of FYIsoft.

Intended as a representation of the platforms FYIsoft can connect with rather than endorsement(s) either for or from mentioned vendors.

Where Does Your ERP Need More Power?

FYIsoft's financial reporting, analytics, and budgeting solutions are easily implemented and proven to improve productivity by 50% or more.

Financial Reporting

Create and distribute large volumes of financial reports in seconds.

  • Automated multi-entity consolidation and reporting
  • One-click automated distribution
  • Presentation-ready formatting
  • Drill down to see all transaction details

ReportFYI enables faster, more accurate financial statements, even in multi-entity and fast-growing environments. Learn more.

Financial Analytics

Loaded with everything needed to fully understand your business.
  • Pre-formulated KPIs, ratios, dashboards and templates
  • Industry benchmarking
  • AI to spot trends and issues
  • Ready to use out-of-the-box
AnalyticsFYI uniquely provides CFOs and analysts with the power to make an immediate impact, without IT or consultants. Learn more.


Faster, more accurate planning without the spreadsheet errors.
  • Pre-populated starting templates with actual or AI data
  • Auto-consolidations mirror GL
  • Approval engine for workflow
  • Simultaneous budget scenarios
BudgetFYI empowers all budget owners to securely participate, while eliminating risk of errors or version control issues. Learn more.

Optimize the Investment You've Already Made in Your ERP

Schedule a brief demo and allow us to show you how easy it can be to get all the financial reporting and analytics power you need, without the high cost of replacing your ERP.

Automation Financial Reporting

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