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Financial Reporting for PDI Enterprise

FYIsoft and PDI Technologies partner to bring powerful financial reporting, analytics, and budgeting solutions to PDI Enterprise customers.

financial reporting for PDI

What Can Our Cloud Financial Reporting Software Do for Your PDI ERP?

financial reporting for PDI

Case Studies

PDI customers consistently reduce reporting time 50% or more. Download our case studies and see how a simple integration with FYIsoft will turbocharge your PDI reporting power.


See how the monthly close process has been transformed with powerful automation thanks to a “flawless” integration between PDI and FYIsoft.

Feather Petroleum Company

It used to take this Director of Finance a full day to create  and distribute financial reports. With FYIsoft, it takes just five minutes. See what has made the difference.

National Oil and Gas, Inc.

The ability to easily create financials for the company as well as 600 separate sites has been a game-changer. See why this controller recommends FYIsoft.

Integrated Suite for Reporting, Budgeting, Analytics

Get even more time-saving automation with FYIsoft's fully integrated suite for financial reporting, budgeting, and analytics.

Powerful automation to create and distribute perfect financials in seconds


Budgeting Software

Faster, more accurate planning without the spreadsheet errors.

Instant visualization of financial data and ad hoc reporting.

The Familiarity of Rows, Columns, Trees

The Ease of Use that FRx Users Love

FYIsoft's unique "building block" structure of rows, columns, and organization trees brings former (or current) FRx customers everything they loved, and so much more power.

FYIsoft is the ideal FRx report replacement. Our report conversion tool will automatically convert FRx reports with amazing accuracy, so there's no need to recreate all of your financial reports. Schedule a demo and see why our customers have said, "it's like FRx on steroids!"

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