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Financial Reporting for PDI Enterprise

FYIsoft and PDI Technologies partner to bring powerful financial reporting, analytics, and budgeting solutions to PDI Enterprise customers.

Fuel Your Financial Reporting, Planning and Analytics Power with FYIsoft

Available in the cloud or on-premise, FYIsoft's solutions for financial reporting, analytics, and budgeting integrate with PDI Enterprise to provide powerful, modern reporting capabilities with minimal disruption.

financial reporting and analytics software

Financial Reporting

Powerful automation to create and distribute perfect financials in seconds

  • Easy to create or change ANY report  or view needed with a simple drag-and-drop
  • Automated multi-store consolidation and reporting
  • Automated, one-click report distribution
  • Presentation-ready formatting
  • Powerful drill down enables report owners to see all transaction details including scanned invoices
  • Automated transfer of actual financial data into analytics and budgeting modules
  • Mobile access to financials from any web-enabled device, 24/7


Instant visualization of financial data provides immediate insight into your business

  • Ready out of the box and pre-configured with KPIs, ratios, and other metrics commonly tracked by finance teams
  • Integration with actual reporting ensures data is  immediate and accurate 
  • Easy drill down to view financials by any dimension such as store location, territory, product category
  • Flexibility to create any ad-hoc reports needed with just a few clicks
  • Click to view any current or historical time period and view from one screen (ending all the side-by-side spreadsheet comparisons)
  • Instant “what if” analyses and industry benchmarking


Faster, more accurate planning without the spreadsheet errors

  • Starting templates  are automatically populated with actual financial data
  • Auto-consolidations  and organizational structures mirror GL
  • Powerful workflow management keeps budgets moving with full accountability
  • Work on multiple budget scenarios simultaneously
  • Auto-publish approved budgets into actual reporting, for automated variance reporting and rolling forecasts
  • Eliminate the risk of version-control issues and manual errors

Case Studies

See how PDI customers with many store locations are saving valuable time with FYIsoft's powerful financial reporting software.


See how the monthly close process has been transformed with powerful automation thanks to a “flawless” integration between PDI and FYIsoft.

Feather Petroleum Company

It used to take this Director of Finance a full day to create  and distribute financial reports. With FYIsoft, it takes just five minutes. See what has made the difference.

Royal Farms

Royal Farms CFO shares why he made the decision and how FYIsoft will transform the time and effort his team spends on financial reporting. 

The Familiarity of Rows, Columns, Trees

The Ease of Use that FRx Users Love

FYIsoft's unique "building block" structure of rows, columns, and organization trees brings former (or current) FRx customers everything they loved, and so much more power.

FYIsoft is the ideal FRx report replacement. Our report conversion tool will automatically convert FRx reports with amazing accuracy, so there's no need to recreate all of your financial reports. Schedule a demo and see why our customers have said, "it's like FRx on steroids!"


Most frequently asked questions from PDI Enterprise customers.

FYIsoft connects with your general ledger (GL), so everything that happens in your GL remains unchanged. The only difference happens when it’s time to run your reports. After the minimal initial training time, you can expect to SAVE significant time during the reporting process, which will ultimately speed your financial close.

Yes. FYIsoft is easy to learn and use. Your team will be completely self sufficient in your ability to create or change reports in no time! Initial training takes only two to three brief phone calls. Anyone with an appropriate license will be able to create reports.

Absolutely. With FYIsoft you will have the ability to view reports by rows, columns, departments, time periods, variances – any view needed is just a click away.

Although FRx had its limitations when it comes to enterprise use, it was so easy to use. FYIsoft combines the best of both. You get the familiar structure you loved, with rows, columns, and organization trees, which makes it very easy to learn and use. But you also get a lot more power designed for the enterprise, such as unlimited multi-entities, currency conversion, and amazing flexibility to create and distribute reports. 

No, not for the standard formats required for financial statements. With FYIsoft, the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statements are formatted just the way your auditors or executives expect. When you run your reports, these statements will be perfectly formatted, right out of the system. If additional custom formatting is required, reports can be downloaded in any file format needed, including Excel.

FYIsoft is designed for multi-entity companies, whether that means different locations, divisions, companies, or general ledger systems (as happens with acquisitions). FYIsoft automates the consolidation of different data sources and standardizes it for consistent reporting. 

Financial reporting, budgeting, and analytics are part of our integrated suite but are sold separately for the convenience of our customers. You can maximize the value of FYIsoft by purchasing the full suite, or easily add these additional modules when you’re ready. 


With all of the growth we experienced and so many locations, we needed a way to distribute individual financial statements in a manner that was efficient, automated and reliable… [FYIsoft] is absolutely amazing.
Corbin Watson, Accounting Specialist
Desert De Oro Foods, Inc.
FYIsoft helped us convert 3000 FRx reports that we use for our customers’ tax preparation. The reports are quick and easy to prepare and distribute – we are thankful this product exists.
Brad Jameson, Director of Finance and IT
Marley Management Corporation
The ability to drill down into detailed information, right from the financial statement without having to go to the GL saves me so much time. Also, their support and training was hands-on – I found it to be priceless.
Yasmin Jafroodi, Administrative Manager
GroLink Plant Company
The reporting that came with [our ERP] is basic and wasn’t working well for us. FYIsoft’s support team did a great job implementing the solution. We really like the ability to drill down to account details and see invoice information. And the distribution options make it easy to send each cost center reports containing their own financial information, not everyone else’s too.
Rick Wehling, Senior Cost Accountant
Rhino Foods
Excel is flexible but corruptible, which makes it dangerous. FYIsoft was the right alternative. It’s efficient and effective, is super easy and just works the way you need it to. We cut the completion cycle for reports by 50%.
Becky Roth, Financial Reporting & Systems Analyst
Mutual Insurance Company of Arizona
It takes only seconds to run a report with real-time financial information. No other financial reporting solution even comes close to FYIsoft.
Brad Jameson, Director of Finance and IT
Marley Management Corporation
City Light and Power
We’ve nearly doubled in size and I save so much time with FYIsoft. When we make changes, the reports are automatically updated. FYIsoft solved our reporting challenges and helped me step into a more strategic role.
Rachel VonSiebenhoven, Controller
City Light & Power
The ability to generate financial statements for selected divisions, with the ability to customize consolidated reports, is why we chose FYIsoft. We’ve seen a huge difference in the ease with which we can now create our financial reports.
John Friedel, CFO
Baldwin Paving

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