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Ready or Not, Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Finance and Accounting.The question is-are you and your team ready?

A 2020 survey found that 96% of organizations believe their work will be be fundamentally transformed by AI in the next five years.

What is less understood is how finance and accounting will be impacted.

From strategic insights to process improvements, a rapidly-approaching future in which AI is pervasively part of the finance and accounting organization is coming soon. As this whitepaper reveals, the results are expected to be staggering.

This whitepaper will help you understand why that’s a good thing, and how your team can be prepared.

"Artificial intelligence supporting our human intelligence has turned my organization into the strategic heartbeat of our firm."

CFO of public biotech company Tweet

Download the whitepaper and discover:

  • Which accounting and finance roles are most likely to be among the first to be transformed by AI, and how.
  • Where the biggest investments in AI technology within finance and accounting are being made, and why.
  • How AI technology is needed to enable accounting and finance teams to move away from repetitive, low value and manual processes and step into highly strategic roles.
  • A view into the future of accounting and what it means for the labor force and skillsets.

Download this whitepaper to gain a clear understanding of how specific disciplines and job functions within the broad categories of Accounting, Reporting, and Finance are poised to undergo transformation to become more efficient, faster, more accurate, and ultimately more strategic.

Download the AI in Accounting Whitepaper

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