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Budgeting Software Getting Rave Reviews

Budgeting Software Getting Rave Reviews

It’s that time of year when finance and accounting teams are sharpening those pencils and getting ready for the budget season ahead. If you are among them, and that vision includes words like import, export, formulas, errors, and bottlenecks, it’s time to take a close look at what real budgeting software can do for your organization.

At FYIsoft, we’ve been planning for this season and recently had the opportunity to present the newest version of our budgeting software, BudgetFYI, to BPM Partners. BPM Partners is a leading industry research firm focused on Performance Management solutions. Their extensive vendor research into the competitive landscape helps their clients select the right solution(s) for their company. In other words, when it comes to financial reporting, analytics and budgeting software, they’ve seen it all. 

We appreciate the opportunity to present our solution to these industry experts and are pleased to share the positive feedback, affirming that BudgetFYI is just what companies are looking for:

“It’s obvious that a lot of thought went into the design of BudgetFYI. It’s fresh and modern, easy to use, very capable, and the workflow management is solid. This is what midmarket companies are looking for in a budgeting product.”  (Craig Schiff, BPM Partners)

Below is a Top 5 video clip to provide a quick look at five ways our BudgetFYI software speeds and simplifies the budget process for our customers. The seamless integration with financial reporting data saves an enormous amount of time by eliminating the need for importing/exporting, manual entries, and all the errors that come with them.

Request a personalized demo to see how much time our budgeting software will save your team.

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