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ConnectFYI®ConnectFYI has the unique ability to automatically convert disparate data from multiple sources into a standardized reporting format, which makes FYIsoft ideal for companies consolidating data from different report units, entities, or general ledger systems.

General Ledger Integration

ConnectFYI is a web-based solution that helps with the complex task of standardizing data so that ReportFYI can integrate with as many general ledger systems as needed. Here's how it works:

  1. ConnectFYI integrates directly with your general ledger(s). 
  2. ConnectFYI transforms that financial data into a standard format for reporting.
  3. Transformed data resides in our data mart, ready to be quickly accessed for reporting, analytics, or budgeting.

Schedule a demo and see how FYIsoft solutions will greatly simplify the consolidation and reporting of data from multiple sources or entities.

Simplify the Integration of Disparate Data

There are three integration methods available, depending on the general ledger:

  • FYIsoft Data Mart – General ledger data is mapped and transferred into the data mart and can be automatically scheduled or executed on demand.
  • DirectFYIConnect – General ledger data is  seamlessly integrated through views or triggers, and is immediately available on any FYIsoft reports.
  • Cloud API – General  ledger data is integrated through the Application  Program Interface (API)  by a development resource.

With ConnectFYI, you can greatly simplify the financial data consolidation process, without burdening your IT department or introducing errors that accompany manual manipulation.

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