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Drill Down with 24/7 Access

Save time with advanced drill-down capabilities that empower all users to view transaction details behind any line item, including attached invoices – any time, from any device​.​

Financial Report Drill Down with FYIsoft

FYIsoft’s cloud financial reporting software empowers authorized users across the organization to conduct independent analysis and answer their own questions, saving finance teams hours of time.

With our drill-down capability, users can click on any line item to view the transaction-level details, including any attached documentation such as scanned invoices, sales orders or expense reports.

And because financial statements can be viewed online but not altered, the data integrity of your financial statements is always protected.

Schedule a demo and see how FYIsoft will give you the flexibility and speed you need without compromising security.

“We cut the completion cycle for reports by 50%… FYIsoft is efficient and effective. It just works the way you need it to and is super easy to use.”

-Becky Roth, Mutual Insurance Company of Arizona

What would you do with all that extra time? Schedule a demo and let’s find out!

Drill Down All the Way to the Invoice

Other reporting solutions claim to offer “drill-down” functionality, but only FYIsoft provides visibility into every transaction detail – including the scanned invoice*.

Why is this important? Imagine how much time your finance team will save if your reporting units are not relying on you for all their answers! With FYIsoft, authorized users will have visibility into any account to view and analyze the expense drivers behind it. This powerful feature alone saves our customers hours of time with every close.

(*If you don’t already have a document imaging solution that enables the paperless scanning of invoices, we are pleased to refer our trusted partner network.)

You Could Be Enjoying Hours of Freedom Too

Customer Success

Before discovering FYIsoft, this EVP thought all financial reporting solutions were the same. Download this case study and see how FYIsoft’s drill-down capabilities and 24/7 access have given his finance team the modern flexibility they need.

“The ability of FYIsoft to generate financial statements on demand from any location, on any device (particularly mobile phones) allows our team to manage the business far more effectively on the go.”

-Scot Moore, EVP, Lighthouse Property Insurance Corporation

Lighthouse Property Insurance

On-Demand Reporting

Insurance company saves time and gains access to critical financial information while on the go.

Take a Personalized Tour and See the Difference

Schedule a brief demo and allow us to show you how much time you can save with FYIsoft’s drill-down capability and 24/7 access.

Automation Financial Reporting

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