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What's wrong with using Excel for financial reporting?

In this eBook: CFOs share eight reasons to stop using Excel for financial reporting.

It’s likely that every CFO and finance team member uses the omnipresent Excel on a daily basis. But executives may want to rethink their reliance on the comfortable and familiar when it comes to financial reporting.

In this eBook by, readers will learn about the many challenges of financial reporting, as well as the benefits of leaving spreadsheets behind and migrating to modern tools.

"The last thing you want to worry about is: Is this calculation correct? I don't want to spend my time worrying about errors in moving information from one place to another. With reporting software that automatically pulls directly from GL sources, finance can spend its time a lot more productively."

Gary Rihani, CFO and Controller Tweet

What you don't know really can hurt you. Download the eBook and learn how you can avoid the risk-prone Excel errors that slow down the financial close and delay a clean audit.