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The Dark Side of ExcelIn this eBook we explore the pitfalls of Excel when relied upon for financial statements and financial reporting needs, including real-world use cases that illustrate the dangers.

We all love Excel but

there's something you should know.

FYIsoft is pleased to bring you this entertaining yet highly informative look at a common threat lingering over nearly every accounting organization. As you will read in this eBook, the beloved tool we all rely on - Excel - has its place in our daily work. But when it comes to financial reporting, a very dark road looms ahead.

Through the twists and turns of this frightening tale, you'll share in the perils of a growing company struggling to meet its dynamic reporting needs with Excel. Download our eBook and discover:

  • The real purpose of Excel: what it’s designed to do brilliantly and where/when it fails.
  • How the pitfalls begin to stalk the financial integrity of your company. 
  • Ripped from the headline Excel catastrophes from well-known brands.
  • How to solve (or better yet AVOID) the problems and find your happy ending.

Ready to transform your company? Download the eBook and learn how you can liberate your organization and start focusing on the future without the risks and limitations of Excel.

The Dark Side of Excel - eBook Download

Excel provides autonomy to customize and tweak data, which is necessary to optimize daily work. But official reporting documents are not the playground for the curious. 

Download our eBook and discover why. 


About FYIsoft

FYIsoft's financial reporting, analytics and budgeting solutions cater to finance and accounting professionals ready to drive new levels of productivity. Our AI-powered software is designed to speed and simplify the financial close and FP&A processes through one single platform.

Full-Featured Solutions with the Power of AI

FYIsoft’s solutions are rich in features and include everything needed for superior reporting, analysis and budgeting, including powerful AI to help analyze enormous amounts of data.

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FYIsoft’s technology is designed for proactive teams that need to work quickly without waiting for IT or consultants, with fast implementation and reports that are easy to set up or change.

Enhances Legacy Systems or ERP Investments

FYIsoft is a smart way to modernize legacy systems that lack strong reporting or FP&A capabilities. FYIsoft solutions integrate with any ERP/GL, in SaaS or on-premise environments.

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