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Case Study: Financial Companies


Distributed Work Teams

When corporate finance and accounting teams are working from home, traveling or otherwise disbursed, FYIsoft keeps you in control of financial reporting – from anywhere, at any time.

Customer Viewpoint: Success in Crisis

The demand for fast, accurate financial reports never stops. In fact, it escalates during uncertain times. Learn from our customer's success: getting the job done may be easier than you think.

My Story

“We switched to FYIsoft years ago and looking back – what a life saver that was. Now with everyone working remotely in different locations, having the ability to get everyone the reports they need, and FAST, is even more critical. 

Before FYIsoft, our reports used to take hours to run and get them sent to all the right people. The ad-hoc reports that are being requested now – they would not have been possible. With FYIsoft, we can run any report that’s needed in an instant. The distribution lists are ready to go so it’s literally a click of a button and everyone gets their accurate reports delivered through a web link.

But it’s not just accessing and getting the reports out. Everyone who relies on those financial statements needs to be able to use and understand them without having to rely on finance.

FYIsoft has a great drill-down capability that has been so valuable. As our managers review their reports online, if something does seem right or they have questions about an account balance, they simply click on that account and it expands to show them all the transactions behind it – even the invoices. 

For example, one of our managers just had a question about a big marketing expense last quarter. Rather than stopping by my office or calling me to ask, he could see the vendor invoices right from his home office (and then of course remembered the trade show his team attended). 

For us, I think these times would be very difficult without FYIsoft. We were so used to working in our offices together that we didn’t even notice how awesome these features are. But now I can honestly say that from our financial reporting standpoint, our work has not suffered one bit. We have lots of other challenges right now, but reporting isn’t one of them.”

FYIsoft for Financial Companies

With an easy GL integration, you'll gain the ability to consolidate, create and distribute all your financials in seconds, with 100% accuracy. Discover why these financial companies and more rely on FYIsoft for easier financial reporting, analytics and budgeting.

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Turn Hours Into Minutes

Customer Success

"The ability to generate financial statements for selected divisions and/or have the ability to customize consolidated reports is why we chose FYIsoft. We've seen a huge difference in the ease with which we can now create our financial reports."

-Brad Jameson, Marley Management Corp. Senior Director of Finance & IT

Marley Management

Easy, Real-Time Reporting

What used to take hours to run real-time reports now takes just seconds with FYIsoft.

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