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Financial Budgeting Software

Fresh, modern, easy to use. Integrated with reporting data, our financial budgeting software speeds and simplifies enterprise budgeting.

BudgetFYI™ is Modern Financial Budgeting Software, Without the Spreadsheets

Are you still chasing down spreadsheets during budget season? See how our budgeting software greatly simplifies the planning process with powerful automation, project management, and extreme ease of use for faster, better budgeting decisions.

Accelerate Budgeting

Intelligent templates provide budget owners with pre-populated starting points that reflect actual data and reporting hierarchies.

Automate Workflow

Powerful approval engine keeps budgets moving with accountability; automated reminders and alerts and a complete audit trail of approvals along the way.

Eliminate Spreadsheet Errors

End the spreadsheet errors, version-control issues, and hidden formula mistakes. Centralize control while enabling others to participate 24/7 from any device.

“It's obvious that a lot of thought went into the design of BudgetFYI. It's fresh and modern, easy to use, very capable, and the workflow management is solid. This is what midmarket companies are looking for in a budgeting product.”

Craig Schiff, President, BPM Partners

Countless Advantages of Unifying Financial Budgeting Software with Reporting and Analytics

budgeting software

Intelligent Templates That Jump-Start the Budgeting Process

Accelerate the budget process right out of the gate with pre-populated starting points for every budget owner that reflect actual data, relevant accounts, organization charts and any predefined targets.

Automated, Accurate Budget Consolidations

With our seamless platform, budget rollups and consolidations are automated to mirror actual reporting data, saving hours of time and greatly reducing errors. Drag-and-drop features make it easy to instantly change organization structures and hierarchies.

budgeting software integrated with reporting

Seamless Integration for More Accurate Financial Budgeting and Forecasting

A seamless integration across all products ensures budgeting and forecasting  is always based on accurate, current data, free of manual errors and version control issues.

Financial Budgeting Software Features

Powerful project management tools keeps you in control with 24/7 visibility

Unlimited hierarchies and budget segmentations with easy drag-and-drop changes

Approval engine ushers each step of the creation, review and approval process

Short-term budgets and longer-term forecasts

Audit trail of milestones, approvals and accountability documented and archived

Multiple budget scenarios can be worked on simultaneously including top-down, zero-based budgeting or hybrid

Automated consolidated rollups based on actual reporting structures

Rolling forecasts are automatically updated for actuals

Cloud software with access from any device, 24/7

Specialty budgets provide alternate views of the business

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