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Premier Financial Reporting Software for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Create and distribute perfectly formatted financial statements in seconds, with 100% accuracy.

Ideal for Multi-Entity and High Growth Companies

If you're a Business Central customer, you've probably discovered the need for a financial reporting tool. FYIsoft is integrated with Business Central and designed for customers with complex reporting needs such as multi-entity/multi-GL consolidations, currency conversions, or frequently changing reporting demands.

FYIsoft is also the perfect solution for those seeking a FRx report replacement or Management Reporter replacement solution. With a familiar rows, columns, trees structure, our software is extremely easy to use, fully supported, and integrates with any Dynamics ERP.

financial reporting for microsoft dynamics

FYIsoft for Business Central

SMB environments with complex accounting needs.

See why we’re the premier financial reporting solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Our brief demo video will highlight some of the key features that make FYIsoft so powerful for multi-entity and high growth companies: 

  • Extremely easy to learn and use
  • Set up or change reports, without IT or coding
  • Flexibility to view reports any way needed
  • Automated, unlimited multi-entity consolidations and currency conversion
  • True one-click automated report distribution
  • Presentation-ready, formatted reports

Featured eBook:

What's wrong with Excel-based report writers?

We all love Excel. But when it comes to financial reporting, our beloved tool has a very dark side. 

If you are currently relying on Excel or an Excel-based reporting solution to produce financial statements, this eBook is a must-read. Through the sharing of research, expert insight and real-world stories, you’ll discover why and when it’s necessary to draw the line and demand an enterprise-level financial reporting solution. 

The Dark Side of Excel - eBook Download

Unlimited Growth Potential for Business Central Customers

Reporting, Analysis, Budgeting in One Platform

FYIsoft’s financial reporting software is part of our unified platform for reporting, analytics and budgeting – with all these modules available and ready to add on as your business grows.

financial reporting-analytics-software


Most frequent questions from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central customers.

FYIsoft integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and connects with your GL. Everything that happens in your GL remains unchanged. The only difference happens when it’s time to run your reports. After the minimal initial training time, you can expect to SAVE significant time during the reporting process, which will ultimately speed your financial close.

Yes. FYIsoft is easy to learn and use. Your team will be completely self-sufficient in their ability to create or change reports in no time! Initial training takes only two to three brief phone calls. Anyone with an author license will be able to create reports.

Absolutely. With FYIsoft you will have the ability to view reports by rows, columns, departments, time periods – any view needed is just a click away.

Although FRx had its limitations when it came to enterprise use, it was so easy to use. FYIsoft combines the best of both. You get the familiar structure you love, with rows, columns, and organizational trees, which makes it very easy to learn and use. But you also get a lot more power designed for the enterprise, such as unlimited multi-entities, currency conversion, and amazing flexibility to create and distribute reports. Learn more about our FRx report replacement.

No, not for the standard formats required for financial statements. With FYIsoft, the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statements are formatted just the way your auditors or executives expect. When you run your reports, these statements will be perfectly formatted, right out of the system. If additional custom formatting is required, reports can be downloaded in any file format needed, including Excel.

FYIsoft is designed for multi-entity companies, and this includes global enterprises. An unlimited number of entities can easily be consolidated, even if those entities have different account codes, different general ledgers (as happens with acquisitions), or different currencies. FYIsoft works to consolidate all your disparate financial data and standardize it for consistent reporting. 

Reporting and analytics are part of our integrated suite but are sold separately for the convenience of our customers. You can maximize the value of FYIsoft by purchasing the full suite (which also includes budgeting, or easily add these additional modules when you’re ready. Learn more here.

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