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Financial Reporting and FP&A Solutions for Healthcare

Ideal for healthcare organizations needing to consolidate financial data from multiple offices, locations, or systems.

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Benefits for Healthcare

Optimize existing erp system

FYIsoft easily connects with your ERP to bring powerful automation to your reporting, planning and analysis processes.


FYIsoft automates the consolidation of financial data from multiple sources such as offices, locations, or different GL systems.

Complete ALL Financials In MINUTES

Our unique, finance-friendly software makes it easy to create or change any report, views, or rollup structures with a simple drag and drop.


Actual reporting data is auto-transferred into analytics and budgeting, ensuring data is accurate, current, and consistent across all modules.

Healthcare Case Studies

Dental Centers

Nationwide company with hundreds of dental center locations creates over 250 monthly financial statements with one click of a button.

"FYIsoft is a life saver. It helped to save our ERP investment. Sage couldn't handle our volume of reports but with FYIsoft, it's so easy with just the push of a button."

Medical Practices

Healthcare organization with over 100 locations saves 152 hours every month with FYIsoft's automation.

"With FYIsoft, we’re able to close books and get the board reports completed and distributed within two days, which is typically several days ahead of the board meeting."

Mental Health Centers

FYIsoft transforms finance department for one of Canada's leading providers of mental health and addiction care.

"The minute I saw FYIsoft's demo, I knew it was the perfect fit. It has been transformative for us. FYIsoft is so easy and reasonably priced. Go for it - you won't regret it!"

Financial Reporting and FP&A Solutions for Healthcare

Having a strong financial reporting solution behind our analytics and budgeting software makes all the difference. Data is auto-pulled from its GL source, ensuring that decisions across all reporting, planning, and analysis activities are based on data that is accurate, current, and consistent.

financial reporting and analytics software

Financial Reporting

Create and distribute perfect financials in seconds, even in multi-entity environments

  • Automated multi-entity consolidation and reporting
  • Automated multi-GL consolidation and reporting
  • One-click automated distribution
  • Presentation-ready formatting
  • Drill down to see all transaction details including scanned invoices
  • Multi-currency conversion
  • Automated transfer of actual financial data into analytics and budgeting modules

Financial Analysis

Ready-to-use analytics software designed for finance professionals

  • Ready out of the box and pre-configured with KPIs, ratios, and other metrics commonly tracked by healthcare organizations
  • Integration with actual reporting ensures data is  immediate and accurate 
  • Easy drill down to view financials by any dimension such as division, location, region, and any consolidated rollups
  • Flexibility to create any ad hoc reports needed with just a few clicks
  • Instant “what if” analyses and industry benchmarking
  • Robust features out of the box with the ability to further customize for your  business or industry needs

Financial Planning

Faster, more accurate planning without the spreadsheet errors

  • Starting templates  are automatically populated with actual financial data
  • Auto-consolidations  and organizational structures mirror GL
  • Powerful workflow management keeps budgets moving with full accountability
  • Work on multiple budget scenarios simultaneously
  • Auto-publish approved budgets into actual reporting, for automated variance reporting and rolling forecasts
  • Eliminate the risk of version-control issues and manual errors

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