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FYIsoft is a Rising Star in the Accounting Close Software Space

FYIsoft is a Rising Star in the Accounting Close Software Space

According to The Spring 2021 Financial Close Management Software Customer Success Report FYIsoft is a rising star!

Featured Customers, which is a leading customer reference platform for B2B business software & services, has recently recognized FYIsoft as a “Rising Star” in the Financial close management software space. For those that are not familiar with Financial close management software, or simply accounting close software, this is software that helps companies to complete the financial close process in a more streamlined process..

According to the organization, a Rising Star is:

  • An organization that understands where the market is going.
  • Has a technology that can disrupt the industry in a positive manner.
  • Been around long enough to establish momentum.
  • Has a certain amount of customer reference content.
  • A growing social media presence.

This recognition is derived from collected data from their customer reference platform, their market presence, their web presence, & social presence as well as additional data aggregated from online sources and media properties.

FYIsoft is focused on simplifying even the most complex financial environments with innovative software designed to enable fast, accurate, perfectly formatted financial reports accessible 24/7 wherever, whenever business needs dictate.

FYIsoft’s solutions are browser-based and can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises with the goal to simplify even the most complex financial environments by enabling on-demand reporting, easy integration with virtually all general ledger systems, and multi-company consolidations with different currencies, account numbers, and calendars.

Here is a link to the full article/PDF recognizing FYIsoft.

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