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Multiple GL Consolidation and ReportingFor companies with entities running on different general ledgers, FYIsoft uniquely automates the consolidation and reporting process, improving productivity 50% or more.

Customer Success

Multi-GL Consolidation and Multi-Entity Reporting on a Global Scale

This growing company struggled with the ability to consolidate different general ledgers between U.S. and European operations. Not only were the entities using different ERPs (Sage and Dynamics), they also had differing charts of accounts and currencies. Download the case study and see how this customer automated the consolidation process, eliminated manual tasks, and cut their monthly financial close time significantly.

“With FYIsoft, we automated the entire process, eliminated nearly all of the manual tasks, and reduced our month-end close cycle significantly.”


Multi-GL Consolidation, Multi-Entity Reporting, Global Currency Conversion

Download the case study and see how this growing company with global operations automates these complex reporting challenges with FYIsoft.

Key Features that Simplify Multi-GL Consolidation

Data Standardization

FYIsoft integrates with any GL to import and standardize disparate data, even in environments that experience high growth or M&A activity.

Time-Saving Automation

We automate the creation of beautifully formatted, consolidated reports, removing the risk of human error and saving hours of time.

Global Currency Conversion

For global companies, CurrencyFYI translates multi-national balances into a single currency (or multiple currencies, if desired).

“With our different ERPs, we could not consolidate the numbers effectively. With FYIsoft, we automated the entire process, eliminated nearly all of the manual tasks, and reduced our month-end close cycle significantly.” 


Dan Cameron, CFO

About FYIsoft

FYIsoft's financial reporting, analytics and budgeting solutions cater to finance and accounting professionals ready to drive new levels of productivity. Our AI-powered software is designed to speed and simplify the financial close and FP&A processes through one single platform.

Full-Featured Solutions; One Integrated Platform

FYIsoft’s solutions are rich in features and include everything needed for superior reporting, analysis and budgeting, fully integrated so data is always accurate and current.

Easy for Finance to Use Independently

FYIsoft’s technology is designed for proactive teams that need to work quickly without waiting for IT or consultants, with fast implementation and reports that are easy to set up or change.

Enhances Legacy Systems or ERP Investments

Wether cloud or on-prem, FYIsoft is a smart way to modernize legacy systems that lack strong reporting or FP&A capabilities. FYIsoft solutions integrate with one or MANY ERP/GLs.

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