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Performance is Everything (Especially in Financial Reporting)

Performance is Everything (Especially in Financial Reporting)

When it’s time to purchase a new vehicle, most of us would opt for the best performance that money could buy. We’d focus on things like speed, a smooth ride, efficiency, and superior safety features.

Translate those performance factors into the world of finance, and we’ve just described FYIsoft’s financial reporting software.


The powerful engine behind FYIsoft includes our component-based architecture, designed to make financial reporting fast, easy and accurate, whether you have 10 reports or 1000.

Our software integrates with your existing GL to deliver all the reporting power needed, without the high cost of replacing your ERP or accounting system. Customers have reduced their reporting time by as much as 50% with features like:

  • Speed: Create mass volumes of perfectly-formatted financial statements in seconds, and distribute them all with just one click.
  • Ease: Extremely intuitive, reports are easy to set up and change without any coding or IT involvement needed
  • Efficiency: Proven to save 10+ days with every close, not to mention the convenience of accessing web-based reports, 24/7 from any device.
  • Security: Any authorized user can view their financial statements, and drill down to see transaction-level details including scanned invoices. But unlike Excel, data is protected and cannot be altered.

FYIsoft offers a best-in-class solution, at a very attractive price point…one that delivers ROI within weeks.

There’s no longer a reason to let the financial reporting process slow down your close cycle. Allow us to show you how easy it is to rev up your engines with FYIsoft!

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