Financial Report Distribution Software

Many organizations struggle with multiple reporting requirements from a variety of sources. Having the ability to consolidate information from your general ledger, and create unique reports based upon the needs of your business, will save you both time and money.

In an effort to provide reports in different formats, your staff can spend hours, days, or weeks formatting spreadsheets and consolidating financial information into customized reports. Even worse, human error can lead to confidential data being distributed to the wrong individuals. Our advanced report distribution software offers secure financial report distribution, report consolidation, report scheduling & more. See below.

  • Automated Report Scheduling – Schedule and distribute reports at designated times.
  • Consolidation – Collect financial data from multiple sources into one location for more efficient report distribution.
  • Formats – Reports can be provided as PDFs and spreadsheets with formulas, or you can access reports online.
  • Delivery Methods – Deliver reports via URL, email attachment, hardcopy, or save them to folders on your secure network (on-premises deployment only).
  • Distribution Lists – Distribute reports based on permissions, interests, departments, and locations at designated dates and times.
  • Report Packaging – Use automated processes to slice and dice your reports and package them by relevancy, preferred delivery format, and specific distribution frequency.

Financial Report Distribution