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Financial Report Distribution

Automate financial report distribution and never again miss a deadline or risk sending the wrong report.

Financial Report Distribution with FYIsoft

FYIsoft supercharges your report distribution process so you can get the right reports to the right people – faster than you ever thought possible. Our powerful cloud financial reporting software is proven to drastically shorten the financial close and streamline reporting processes – especially report distribution. ​

FYIsoft automates the ability to get mass volumes of financial reports to a varied group of individuals, both inside and outside of your organization, quickly, securely, and accurately. Schedule a demo and see how FYIsoft will help you spend less time running and distributing reports, and more time focusing on the things that matter most.

Key Features That Make Financial Report Distribution a Breeze

Report Consolidation

Collect financial data from multiple sources into one location for more efficient report distribution.

Report Packaging

Use automated processes to package reports by permissions, departments, locations and more.

Advanced Scheduling

Schedule and distribute reports in advance at designated times.​

Flexible Report Formats

Reports can be shared via a secure online URL or provided as PDFs and spreadsheets.​

24/7 Online Access

Online reports can be securely accessed anytime, from any device.​

Complete Visibility

Authorized users can drill down to view transaction details, including scanned invoices.

Schedule a demo and allow us to show you why finance and accounting professionals worldwide choose FYIsoft to improve their financial reports and distribution.

You Could Be Saving Hours of Time Too

Customer Success

Before discovering FYIsoft, this EVP thought all financial reporting solutions were the same. Download this case study and see why he now calls FYIsoft “light years ahead of the competition.”

“FYIsoft has made our lives much easier. We can auto-burst financial reports to specific people based upon function or department, and no longer spend hours sending out financial statements and answering questions.”

-Scot Moore, EVP, Lighthouse Property Insurance Corporation

Lighthouse Property Insurance

On-Demand Reporting

Insurance company saves time and gains access to critical financial information while on-the-go.

Error-Free Financial Report Distribution with Just a Click

Schedule a brief demo and allow us to show you how our automated report distribution feature makes it easy to get all your financial reports to the right people, at just the right time.

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