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How much is that problem you don’t think you have costing you?

Discover the ROI of FP&A.

Maybe you’re right, and you don’t have a problem with inefficiencies or manual workarounds.

Or maybe, like our customers, you’ll discover over $300,000 in annual potential savings from our FP&A software, with a ROI that will blow you away.

Either way, it will cost you NOTHING to find out. 

Schedule a free consulting call with our experts and we’ll show you your potential ROI from our FP&A software – completely customized for your business and no strings attached.

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Automate Financial Reporting and FP&A

FYIsoft can integrate with nearly any ERP so you can maximize your ROI without replacing your ERP.
Having a strong financial reporting solution behind our budgeting and analytics software makes all the difference. Data is pulled from its GL source and automated across all modules, ensuring that decisions are based on accurate, current data throughout all FP&A processes.

Easy multi-entity or multi-GL consolidation; create and distribute financials in seconds

With our financial reporting software, your team can create and distribute large volumes of financial statements with just one click – all guaranteed accurate and perfectly formatted, ready for the board room or auditors. Ideal for multi-entity or multi-GL environments.

financial reporting and analytics software

Ready-to-use analytics software designed for finance professionals

AnalyticsFYI is loaded with features out of the box, ready for finance teams to use without the need for custom builds or costly consulting.  Includes pre-formulated KPIs, ratios, dashboards, industry benchmarking and other tools commonly used by most finance teams.

Modern budgeting software with automation and workflow management tools

Say goodbye to spreadsheet errors and version control issues. With our integrated platform, budget rollups and consolidations are automated to mirror actual reporting data, intelligent templates can be pre-populated with actual or AI-generated data, and the approval engine keeps budgets moving quickly.

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