Customer Testimonials

“Our accounting department relies on FYIsoft’s financial reporting solution daily to make our job easier. It is so user-friendly, and having the ability to save our financial reports in a variety of formats, including PDF and Excel, gives us the flexibility we need.”

Mercedes Marquez, Controller
Lighthouse Property Insurance Corporation

"ReportFYI enables us to run our financial report package in 45 minutes compared to the 24 hours it took with our previous report writer. Our Finance department can now analyze results in more detail, and publish reports two business days faster than before, allowing our regional operations teams to react to critical financial information more quickly."

Michelle Dittmer, Corporate Controller
Great Expressions Dental Centers

"FYIsoft's cloud-based reporting application allows me to quickly and easily access our financial data. I had to convert old reports from six different divisions within our company, and their solution made that complex task simple. The ability to drill down into detailed information, right from the financial statement without having to go to the GL saves me so much time. Also, their support and training was hands-on – I found it to be priceless."

Yasmin Jafroodi, Administrative Manager,
GroLink Plant Company, Inc.

GroLink Logo

"I knew working with FYIsoft was the right choice starting with their efficient and effective training that enabled my organization to begin using the solution right away. The value of the application significantly streamlines the period-end closing process, saving hours of valuable time as well as offering flexible reporting for our specific requirements."

Elizabeth Colby, CFO
Capital Financial Holdings, Inc

Capital Financial Holdings Inc. Logo

"We chose FYIsoft for its ability to provide on-demand financial reporting from any device, including our phones, as well as the solution’s automated email distribution capability."

Scot Moore, EVP
Lighthouse Property Insurance Corporation

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"The internal reporting that comes with Sage X3 is very basic and wasn’t working well for us. FYIsoft's Support team was attentive and did a great job implementing the solution so we could generate more useful financial reports. What we also really like is the solution's ability to drill down to account details and see invoice information, which is important to us. And the distribution options make it easy to send each cost center reports containing their own financial information, not everyone else’s too."

Rick Wehling, Senior Cost Accountant
Rhino Foods

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"FYIsoft helped us convert 3000 FRx reports that we use for our customers' tax preparation. The reports are quick and easy to prepare and distribute – we are thankful this product exists."

Brad Jameson, Senior Director of Finance & IT
Marley Management Corporation

Marley Management

"It’s great that FYIsoft works with Dexter + Chaney’s general ledger. We’ve been using their software for about five years, and while we could create financial reports, FYIsoft’s solution makes it so much easier to do what we need. Plus, we can easily customize reports, and quickly generate and distribute them for multiple divisions all at once."

John Friedel, CFO
Baldwin Paving

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"With all of the growth that our brands (Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, and full-service restaurants) have experienced, and all of our many locations across the U.S., we needed a way to distribute individual financial statements in a manner that was efficient, automated, and reliable. FYIsoft gave us this capability."

Corbin Watson, Accounting Specialist
Peterson Burge Enterprises

Peterson Burge Enterprises

"In becoming an Alliance Partner in ITA, FYIsoft has shown that they are committed to being part of the long-term success of their business partners and their end-user clients. The primary focus of ITA is to provide an independent forum for leading IT business owners to exchange information, share best practices, assess the current status and future direction of the profession, and thereby to improve their overall business results."

Jo Ann Benzer, Executive Director
Information Technology Alliance (ITA)

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