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FYIsoft and UiPath partner to

Automate the Financial Close

Automation for Financial Reporting and FP&A

Leveraging UiPath’s RPA technology, FYIApps add additional automation power to FYIsoft’s core solutions for reporting, planning and analysis.

Learn how our partnership is redefining accounting and finance with a highly automated, faster and more accurate financial close.

The future of finance is here.

UiPath FYIsoft Partnership

FYIsoft and UiPath Announce Partnership

Speed and Simplify the Financial Close

FYIsoft's solutions are designed to drive productivity for enterprise accounting and finance teams operating in complex environments such as multi-entity, multi-national, or high growth. Our unified platform for financial reporting, analytics and budgeting integrates with any ERP and is proven to improve efficiency 50% or more. Get to know our core solutions below and see how UiPath's RPA technology provides additional automation.

Financial Reporting - ReportFYI

Create and distribute large volumes of financial reports in seconds.

  • Instant multi-entity consolidation and reporting
  • One-click automated distribution
  • Presentation-ready formatting
  • Drill down to see all transaction details

ReportFYI enables faster, more accurate financial statements, even in multi-entity and fast-growing environments. Learn more.

financial reporting-analytics-software
financial analytics software

Financial Analytics - AnalyticsFYI

Loaded with everything needed to fully understand your business and enhance forecasting accuracy.

  • Pre-formulated KPIs, ratios, dashboards and templates
  • Industry benchmarking
  • AI to spot trends or issues
  • Ready to use out-of-the-box

AnalyticsFYI uniquely provides CFOs and analysts with the power to make an immediate impact, without IT or consultants. Learn more.

Budgeting - BudgetFYI

Faster, more accurate planning without the spreadsheet errors.

  • Pre-populated starting templates with actual or AI data
  • Auto-consolidations mirror GL
  • Approval engine for workflow
  • Simultaneous budget scenarios

BudgetFYI empowers all budget owners to securely participate, while eliminating risk of errors or version control issues. Learn more.

UiPath RPA Applications: FYIApps

Our core solutions are made even more powerful with the addition of FYIApps. These applications leverage UiPath's RPA to automate specific manual processes that traditionally slow down the financial close.

Instantly Set Up or Change Reports

Organization Trees is a powerful feature in ReportFYI that enables any report changes to be done with drag-and-drop ease, but it does require an upfront time investment for set up. The FYIApp, Org Tree, leverages UiPath’s robots to automate this process so customers can experience the full benefits of  ReportFYI.

Automate Intercompany Eliminations

This app automates intercompany reconciliations, which continues to be a tedious, manual process for many accountants. Leveraging RPA and AI, UiPath bots filter through large volumes of transactions to identify potential matches, improving the speed and accuracy of the financial close process. 

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