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Bridge the gap between finance and IT with financial reporting software that optimizes performance for both disciplines. 

FYIsoft's Technology Advantages, and How We Bring Additional Value to Your Company's Microsoft Investment

FYIsoft's Technology Advantages

Download the Whitepaper


Download our whitepaper and discover how FYIsoft’s technology advantage becomes YOUR advantage. Understand:

  • The Microsoft technologies behind all of our products. 
  • How we leverage Microsoft’s evolving innovation.
  • How your company benefits from our Azure-backed solutions.
  • How our Microsoft foundation impacts the security, compliance, and scalability of FYIsoft’s product suite.
  • The added value that FYIsoft solutions bring to your Microsoft investment.

When you choose FYIsoft, you take another step forward in ensuring that your company continues to leverage all the benefits of a technology leader.

About FYIsoft

FYIsoft is a Microsoft partner committed to automating financial reporting processes for the Office of Finance. Our fully integrated suite of cloud-based solutions for financial reporting, budgeting, and analytics provide Microsoft customers with the enterprise-level reporting power missing from their Dynamics-based ERP, without the complexity or high costs of high-end systems.

Full-Featured Solutions; One Integrated Platform

FYIsoft’s solutions are rich in features and include everything needed for superior reporting, analysis and budgeting, fully integrated so data is always accurate and current.

Easy for Finance to Use Independently

FYIsoft’s technology is designed for proactive teams that need to work quickly without waiting for IT or consultants, with fast implementation and reports that are easy to set up or change.

Enhances ERP Investments or Legacy Systems

Whether cloud or on-prem, FYIsoft is a smart way to modernize legacy systems that lack strong reporting or FP&A capabilities. FYIsoft solutions integrate with one or MANY ERP/GLs.

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