Financial Reporting and Analysis Software

A higher level of financial intelligence.

Intelligent Reporting and Analysis Software Built for Finance and Accounting

FYIsoft® caters to finance and accounting professionals ready to drive new levels of productivity in multi-entity and fast-growing environments. Proven to cut reporting time 50% or more, our powerful financial reporting and analysis software is relied on by finance and accounting professionals around the world.

Full-Featured Solutions Designed for Finance

FYIsoft’s solutions are rich in features and include everything needed for superior reporting and analysis. Smart technology enables finance teams to greatly improve efficiency and accuracy.

Easy, Ready to Use Without IT or Consultants

FYIsoft’s technology is designed for proactive teams that need to work quickly without waiting for IT or consultants, with fast implementation and reports that are easy to set up or change.

Enhances Legacy Systems or ERP Investments

FYIsoft is a smart way to modernize legacy systems that lack strong reporting capabilities. FYIsoft solutions integrate with any (SQL) GL, in SaaS or on-premise environments.

Smarter Technology Means You Can Be a Game Changer

Financial Reporting and Analysis Software

FYIsoft’s modern platform for financial reporting and analysis combines our deep domain expertise with sophisticated yet easy-to-use technology. This additional level of financial intelligence provides management with the financial and operational insights required for success in fast-changing, multi-entity, and/or multi-GL environments.

Accurate Data at Your Fingertips

Having a strong financial reporting solution behind our analytics software makes all the difference. Data is pulled from its GL source, ensuring that company decisions are based on data that is accurate, timely, and consistent across all reports.

Consolidate and distribute perfect financial statements in 50% less time

With our financial reporting software, your team can create and distribute large volumes of financial statements with just one click – all guaranteed accurate and perfectly formatted, ready for the board room or auditors.