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Are Accountants Becoming Technology Leaders?

Are Accountants Becoming Technology Leaders?

As cloud accounting software takes hold of the market, accounting professionals are seeing their roles in the workplace change. One of the ways the traditional role of the accountant is changing is that accountants in 2017 are being widely regarded as technology leaders—and are expected to carry the breadth of knowledge that was once typically reserved for IT professionals.

Accounting professionals as technology leaders

Accountants are finding that their roles today require less traditional number-crunching than in years past, thanks to the automation provided by cloud technology. And with this change, in order to remain relevant and marketable in an industry that some fear is being reduced to elimination by automation, many accountants are taking on strategic or advisory roles in order to continue to provide value to existing clients and to win new clients.

Accountants can lead the charge in helping their clients remove current inefficiencies to help drive productivity and growth. This requires today’s accountant to have a breadth of knowledge on the leading accounting platforms, including cloud-based software and artificial intelligence (AI), in order to advise clients on the best, most far-reaching technology investments for their individual business needs.

Today’s accountant

Today’s accountant needs to carry a wider range of skills in order to keep up in this changing industry. Skills and knowledge in financial analysis and tax laws are no longer the sole skills required of this profession. Organizations are looking to their new accounting hires to stay abreast of changing technologies, especially as far as cloud technologies go.

By staffing with individuals who have an eye towards continuous learning and career growth, accountants are equipped to manage the changing industry as new technology emerges, winning them a seat at the table even as cloud software chips away at tasks that were once the essence of the accounting profession.

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