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Annette Brown Joins FYIsoft: What it Means for Microsoft Dynamics Customers

Annette Brown Joins FYIsoft: What it Means for Microsoft Dynamics Customers

FYIsoft is pleased to announce that Annette Brown has joined the company as Implementation Specialist. In this new role, Annette is dedicated to helping Microsoft customers successfully automate financial reporting, budgeting, and analysis through FYIsoft’s integrated solutions.

Annette has been influential in the Dynamics ecosystem for 20 years, most recently with global IT services and consulting firm, Columbus. Her expertise in the implementation and support of Dynamics ERP platforms including GP, coupled with her knowledge and passion for financial reporting, provide a unique perspective on the value of FYIsoft’s solutions for Microsoft customers.

“I love that FYIsoft uses the same ‘rows, columns, trees’ approach that is familiar to Microsoft users, making the solution very intuitive and an easy transition for FRx or Management Reporter users,” shares Annette. “Options for budgeting and analytics are an added bonus, as is the fact that FYIsoft is consistently being enhanced with new functionality without the fear of a sunset date.”
Annette Brown
Implementation Specialist, FYIsoft

Below is Annette’s direct response to the question, “What makes FYIsoft’s solutions different from other alternatives available to Microsoft customers?”

Microsoft’s built-in reporting tools work just fine for small companies with basic needs. But when companies start to grow, and reporting gets more complicated – like when they have different data sources they need to consolidate – that’s when they need something more.

Excel-based solutions have always been an option, but there are so many limitations. And really, when you look at things like security, the ability to scale, and true automation, I have not seen much that compares to the functionality you get with FYIsoft solutions, without having to have a full team of developers and consultants.

I’ve included some of my favorite features below that make FYIsoft stand out as a financial reporting solution for Microsoft.

  • Easy, building-block structure (rows, columns, trees) that is familiar for users of Microsoft’s Management Reporter, Financial Reporting, or FRx, so it’s extremely easy to learn and use.
  • The ability to automate the consolidation of different data sources, whether it’s different companies or locations, general ledger systems, or currencies.
  • Fully integrated suite with financial reporting, budgeting, and analytics. This makes FYIsoft an ideal “one stop” for Dynamics customers, with the ability to automate the transfer of GL data across all these modules (a huge time saver!).
  • True automated, one-click report distribution (or scheduled) – with no limits on the number of financial statements or report packages sent.
  • Powerful drill-down capabilities enables end users to securely access and simply “click” to view all the transaction details behind any account.
  • Report conversion tool, which means that if you are using FRx or Management Reporter, FYIsoft’s technology can automatically convert those reports with amazing accuracy – without having to recreate them all.
  • Enterprise capabilities and built to scale, so customers will never outgrow their reporting solution.

Equally important is what is happening behind the scenes at FYIsoft:

  • Continued focus on future roadmap of development of our reporting and FP&A solutions.
  • Full support (by experts in the field who understand your business and our solutions).

These are among the reasons why I’m so excited to join FYIsoft and bring our solutions to Dynamics end-users and partners.


For a closer look at how easy it is for Microsoft customers to add the power of FYIsoft’s solutions to their Dynamics ERP, schedule a demo today.

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