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Top 2022 Finance Transformation Goals for CFOs and CIOs

Top 2022 Finance Transformation Goals for CFOs and CIOs

A CIO advisory firm recently revealed the core 2022 finance transformation goals for CFOs and CIOs. Below is a summary of four of the most common, and how – with a simple integration into your ERP – FYIsoft’s reporting, budgeting and analytics solutions can help you CRUSH those goals.

Goal 1: Increase time spent on planning and decision-support activities.

Faster, easier financial reporting is key to spending less time compiling data and more time analyzing. We accomplish that with powerful software and automation.

FYIsoft customers reduce reporting time 50% and more, saving valuable time and CRUSHING this goal with an amazing ROI. This whitepaper includes six case studies and tools to help you quantify the ROI potential hiding in your financial reporting processes. Download the whitepaper.

Goal 2: Gear toward a “soft” close and not be bound by monthly close.

Things that typically slow down a close – consolidating data from different sources (different companies, different general ledger systems, or even different currencies) can quickly dash all those dreams of getting to a soft close in advance of month end.

But with FYIsoft, these tough challenges are conquered with just a click. This is the power and benefit of automation, with FYIsoft’s built-in financial intelligence by design®. 

As shared in this case study, “With our different ERPs, we could not consolidate the numbers effectively. With FYIsoft, we automated the entire process and reduced our financial close cycle significantly.” Download the case study.

Goal 3: Provide relevant, timely, actionable finance data for strategic decision-making.

Too much data, too little time. That’s the complaint we often hear from prospects – until they see our analytics software. AnalyticsFYI is loaded with features and ready for finance to use out of the box, without the need for coding or consultants.  

AnalyticsFYI takes all your reporting data and automatically transforms it into actionable insights. In an instant you’ll know all the details behind the story your financials are telling you: KPIs and ratios, trends, potential issues, or how you’re performing against industry benchmarks. Learn more about AnalyticsFYI.

Goal 4: Introduce ability to simulate business scenarios and forecast financial implications.

This goal is just one of many reasons why our modern budgeting software is getting rave reviews.

BudgetFYI was MADE to crush this goal. With our modern budgeting software, you can simulate multiple scenarios. Once your budget is ready, a single click will auto-publish back to reporting, and update variance reports and rolling forecasts.

What are YOUR 2022 finance transformation goals? Schedule a demo and discover how FYIsoft will help you crush them! 

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