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Case Study


Budgeting Software Makes it Easier to Hit Reset

When crisis hits or other unexpected changes impact your business, all the prior planning quickly becomes irrelevant.

When it’s time to redo budgets, FYIsoft’s budgeting software makes hitting the reset button much easier – from anywhere, at any time.

Customer Viewpoint: Success in Crisis

When entire business models change and you need to hit a quick reset on budgets, our customer’s success shows the value of BudgetFYI.

My Story

“We were sailing through our first quarter when this crisis hit. Within three weeks our business had completely changed. We were working from home, customer orders were postponed or cancelled, and we were forced to implement some extreme cost controls. 

One positive in all this is that our job doesn’t stop; in fact, there’s more work. I don’t think there’s anything that hasn’t changed: reports, metrics, and of course our forecasts.

Three months into the year and our budgets were already irrelevant. We had to find time to completely start over.

Considering we have dozens of department heads within each of our many units/divisions, budget season had always been somewhat of a dreadful process to begin with. But I can’t tell you how happy I am that we were one of the early adopters of your budget solution last year.

Now instead of sending out Excel spreadsheets to everyone, and then devoting weeks of time to get them back, fix any errors and consolidate them, we can literally cover all that groundwork in just a few hours.

Our actual data is automatically loaded in, but we know we have a lot of adjustments to make for our new business model. It’s no longer as simple as “we expect a 12% increase across the board.” BudgetFYI gives us the ability speed our starting point and then work on multiple budgets at the same time, analyzing the impact of assumptions or updating as we get new forecasts.

Probably the best part, though, is that everyone involved can participate – even now that they’re working from home. It’s all online, they can’t mess with the formulas and we don’t have any more of the version control issues. The rollups and consolidations are a huge timesaver because they’re all automated based on our organizational structure in the GL.

The workflow in this software is just superb and keeps everything on track and everyone accountable. For example, first drafts are due on Friday and everyone who hasn’t completed their part has just received an alert.

If your company is also having to start over, I’d highly recommend taking a look at FYIsoft. Their software is pretty intuitive and doesn’t take long to learn, but this small investment you make today is going to be a lifesaver in the months and years to come.”

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FYIsoft's financial reporting, analytics and budgeting solutions cater to finance and accounting professionals ready to drive new levels of productivity. Our AI-powered software is designed to speed and simplify the financial close and FP&A processes through one single platform.

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