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How the Growth of Cloud Accounting is Calling for New Talent

How the Growth of Cloud Accounting is Calling for New Talent

With the advent of cloud accounting software, the role of the traditional accountant is becoming obsolete. Accountants, now more than ever before, are tasked with wearing various hats and the most successful in the next decade will be those who embrace this sea change and expand their skillset.

As such, accounting firms and departments are calling for new talent to fulfill a growing need that, a decade or so ago, didn’t exist.

Accounting: the new frontier

As the automation features that come with the shift to cloud-based software limit the need for number-crunching and manual data entry, accountants are less spreadsheet-focused and more strategy-minded. Many firms are expanding their offerings to provide more facetime to clients, developing strategies and providing advisory services.

Additionally, accountants are becoming more and more tech-focused, as part of providing advisory services includes software knowledge and background. While traditional accountants once feared that robots would replace people, now technology offers a variety of opportunities to accounting professionals to better serve clients’ needs. Innovation and flexibility are necessary qualities for the accounting professional of 2017 and beyond.

As individuals change, so do organizations

Today’s organizations are beefing up their accounting staff with individuals that carry a wider range of skills. An aptitude for financial analysis and knowledge of tax laws and government regulations are no longer the sole skills required of a versatile accountant. Organizations are looking to their new accounting hires to stay abreast of changing technologies in the accounting sphere, including the best and brightest of the cloud-based software solutions.

By staffing accounting firms with individuals who have an eye towards continuous learning and career growth, accountants are equipped to manage the changing industry as new technology emerges.

What can FYIsoft do for you

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