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Financial Reporting for Fast-Growing Companies

FYIsoft’s financial reporting and analysis software is built to grow with your business. Powerful automation features such as multi-entity consolidation and reporting, one-click report distribution, and auto-formatting will improve productivity 50% or more.

Unlimited Growth - We're Ready For You!

Scalability to Grow with Your Business

The sky’s the limit for your business. The same should be true for your financial reporting software. FYIsoft is designed to grow with your company and enables finance teams to easily adapt to all the changes along the way, without the need for IT or consulting. You can instantly adjust reports to account for changes like:

  • Additional offices and locations
  • New account codes
  • M&A activity, even if different GLs are involved
  • Restructuring or changing accountability hierarchies

If yours is a growing business with an eye on ROI and performance, you’re going to love FYIsoft. Schedule a demo and see for yourself!

Watch the video and see how our unique “building block” architecture makes it easy to instantly make changes, without waiting for IT or consultants.

Top 4 Reasons Fast-Growing Companies Love FYIsoft

Is your finance and accounting team struggling to keep up with these demands of a fast growing company? FYIsoft is uniquely designed to simplify tough challenges like multi-entity reporting, multi-GL consolidation, and many more.

You Have Many Reporting Units

Different locations, divisions, companies or GLs? With our multi-entity reporting power, you can consolidate, package and distribute any reports needed within minutes, with 100% accuracy.

You Have Many Reports to Distribute

Say goodbye to manual packaging, emails and errors. Automated distribution ensures the right people get the right data, at just the right time. Schedule or send reports with just one click.

You Demand ROI and Performance

FYIsoft makes an immediate impact and is proven to boost productivity 50%+. Furthermore, integration with GL optimizes existing investments and easy implementation ensures no downtime.

You Experience Continuous Change

Easily adapt to changes that accompany high-growth companies such as additional offices, new products or acquired companies. Even if you outgrow your GL, you’ll never outgrow FYIsoft.

Case Study

Customer Success

Download the case study and learn how FYIsoft’s powerful features enabled this finance team to quickly adapt to accounting changes, automatically update reports, and eliminate the need for manual consolidations.

“We’ve nearly doubled in size and I save so much time with FYIsoft. When we make changes, the reports are automatically updated. FYIsoft solved our reporting challenges and helped me step into a more strategic role.”​

- Rachel VonSiebenhoven, Controller, City Light & Power, Inc.

City Light & Power

Perfect for
High Growth

FYIsoft’s powerful features saves this controller hours of time every close, enabling her to step into a more strategic role.

Representative Customers

See why finance and accounting professionals worldwide rely on FYIsoft for better financial reporting.

See Why Fast-Growing Companies Choose FYIsoft

At FYIsoft, we believe that your company’s success should be celebrated and not a burden to your finance team. Schedule a brief demo and allow us to show you how easy financial reporting can be with our powerful features built for successful companies like yours.

Automation Financial Reporting

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