Financial Reporting for Fast-Growing Companies

FYIsoft’s financial reporting and analysis software is built to grow with your business. Powerful automation features such as multi-entity consolidation and reporting, one-click report distribution, and auto-formatting will improve productivity 50% or more.

Unlimited Growth - We're Ready For You!

Scalability to Grow with Your Business

The sky’s the limit for your business. The same should be true for your financial reporting software. FYIsoft is designed to grow with your company and enables finance teams to easily adapt to all the changes along the way, without the need for IT or consulting. You can instantly adjust reports to account for changes like:

  • Additional offices and locations
  • New account codes
  • M&A activity, even if different GLs are involved
  • Restructuring or changing accountability hierarchies

If yours is a growing business with an eye on ROI and performance, you’re going to love FYIsoft. Schedule a demo and see for yourself!