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FYIsoft: Because reporting should be the easy part.

The single most important role of accounting is the ability to produce accurate reports, whenever they’re needed. And when those reports involve multiple entities, general ledger systems, account codes, locations or currencies, well let’s face it…accounting can become quite painful. Financial reporting software is our focus and no one does it better. With a simple integration into your GL, FYIsoft is a powerful tool that delivers faster, easier and more accurate financial reporting. Guaranteed.



Nearly 90% of finance professionals work overtime during financial close. Much of this time is spent running reports, formatting reports, and then manually distributing them through email.

What if you could do it all with just a click of a button? With FYIsoft, it really is that easy. Contact us and we’ll show you how we can save you 10+ days during every close.

How Does an Extra 10 Days Sound?

Our customers consistently save 10+ days during financial close. What could you do with that extra time?


Getting the right data to the right people – at just the right time – is perhaps the most stressful part of reporting. The consequences of getting it wrong are…well, you know.

Our customers love the confidence they have in our report distribution. One click and the reports are on their way. Contact us and let’s get your report distribution process automated.

Meet Jack

He can now distribute hundreds of reports in less than 3 minutes – with just a click of a button.


The majority of accountants must trade in vacation or family time during financial close time. You don’t have to be one of them.

Browse our case studies and see how FYIsoft has helped our customers get their life back, like this one: “We have locations in many states. If we did not have FYIsoft, life would be miserable.”

Contact us and we’ll help you reclaim the time you’ve been sacrificing.

What Life Events are You Missing?

With faster, easier financial reporting, you’ll no longer need to pause life during financial close.


You need reports fast…and you shouldn’t need to rely on IT to run them for you! Unlike reporting software that feels like a coding course, FYIsoft is easy and intuitive to setup, or to change. It’s a bit like building blocks…the way reports should be.

So say goodbye to clumsy reporting and hello to your newfound independence. Contact us and allow us to show you how easy financial reporting can be.

No Coding Required

Empower users to run reports without relying on IT. Easy, intuitive, automated reporting, the way it should be.


Submit the form on the right and one of our financial reporting experts will show you how FYIsoft can save your team 10+ days during every financial close.

With FYIsoft, you’ll get:

  • Easy multi-location consolidations and multi-entity reporting
  • Simple report setup with an intuitive ‘building block’ approach
  • Perfectly formatted, board-ready reports
  • Automated report distribution, guaranteed to get the right data to the right people with just a click of a button
  • Powerful drill-down capability so users can analyze their statements and answer their own questions
  • Built-in multi-currency conversions
  • Anywhere/anytime access so reports can be shared and viewed on-demand

Faster, easier and more accurate financial reports that make you look good every time!