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FRx Report Replacement.

FYIsoft’s financial reporting solution is the ideal FRx report replacement. With a familiar architecture that’s similar to FRx, the transition will be smooth and you’ll love the confidence of working with a modern, fully supported solution.​

Finally ready to replace FRx? You’ve come to the right place.

FYIsoft’s FRx report replacement solution offers the same key FRx features on which finance departments depend, plus enhanced financial reporting software benefits that will take your reporting to the next level. Familiar components of rows, columns, and organizational trees help FRx users quickly adapt to FYIsoft reports. Our intuitive, user-friendly interface offers a comfortable navigation environment that includes:​

Point-and-Click Features

Drag-and-Drop Actions

Pull-Down Menus

Since FYIsoft uses a structure similar to FRx’s rows, columns, and trees, there was virtually no learning curve and we were able to get up and running quickly. There is no other financial reporting solution out there that even comes close to FYIsoft. I love it.

Brad Jameson, Marley Management Corporation

Free FRx Report Conversion


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We’ll show you how our intuitive, modern financial reporting software easily converts catalogs, columns, account sets, formulas, rows, trees, and even font styles. Don’t put another financial close at risk by relying on an unsupported, legacy software product. Discover FYIsoft’s FRx report replacement plan today!

The Ideal FRx Report Replacement Solution – And More

Our FRx report replacement solution offers the same key features that you’ve come to depend on, plus numerous financial reporting software benefits to take your reporting to the next level.

  • Guaranteed accurate data straight from any general ledger
  • Perfectly formatted reports ready for executive boards, auditors, or SEC filings with no manual editing required
  • Secure data that’s easily shared – users can drill down to view transaction-level details without the ability to change data
  • Smart multi-entity reporting that consolidates data from different sources, locations, and currencies quickly and easily
  • Automated “one-click” report distribution saves hours of time and ensures that users receive only the reports they are authorized to view

Customer Viewpoint:

“FYIsoft is absolutely amazing!”

3,000 FRx Report Conversions

“FYIsoft helped us convert 3,000 FRx reports. The reports are quick and easy to prepare and distribute – we are thankful this product exists!”