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The #1 FRx Report Replacement

Our financial reporting solution is the easiest transition you can make from FRx. It's so easy to learn and use, with virtually no learning curve. Discover why FYIsoft is the #1 FRx report replacement.

The Ideal FRx Report Replacement Solution

FYIsoft’s FRx report replacement solution, ReportFYI, offers the same ease of use, but with enterprise strength and features.

"It's like FRx on steroids!"

With familiar components of rows, columns, and organizational trees, you’ll be up and running in hours with a powerful financial reporting solution.

  • Fully supported.
  • Built tough to grow with your business.
  • Integrates with any ERP so you’ll never have to change reporting solutions again.
  • Packed with features including multi-entity, currency conversions, ad hoc reporting, and so much more.

Bonus: We’ll even convert your existing FRx reports for free! 

Request a demo below and see why former FRx users say, “I only wish I had found FYIsoft sooner.”

FRx report replacement
Mark H.Former FRx User
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"I was comfortable with FRx but our IT dept. forced the change. In hindsight, I'm so glad they did before something blew up. FYIsoft is like FRx on steroids!"
Becky R.Former FRx User
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"FYIsoft converted our FRx reports with amazing 95% accuracy, eliminating the need to redesign all our reports manually."
Brad J.Former FRx User
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"FYIsoft was such an easy transition, there was virtually no learning curve. There's no other solution like it. FYIsoft is absolutely amazing and I love it."

Don't Let This Happen To You!

“We waited too long to get off FRx. Our system crashed and we have no way to pull our financials together. PLEASE HELP.”

We helped this new customer find their happy ending shortly after, but it doesn’t need to be this stressful! If you are still using FRx, request a demo and allow us to help. 

Case Studies from Former FRx Users

“FYIsoft is absolutely amazing!”

Marley Management

Easy, Real-Time Reporting

What used to take hours to run a report with real-time information now takes just seconds with FYIsoft.

Mutual Insurance Company of Arizona (MICA)

Superior to Excel

Insurance company gains more secure, accurate financials and cuts completion time by 50%.

Ready to take a look at our FRx report replacement?

Schedule a brief demo and see how FYIsoft can easily transition your FRx reports to a modern, fully supported and secure reporting solution with no risk and no learning curve!

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