Uncertainty in Microsoft’s Financial Products Have you Worried? Try our FRx Report Replacement

Many accounting professionals are uneasy with the uncertainty shrouding Microsoft’s financial products. Many organizations are still using the unsupported Microsoft FRx solution for fear of transitioning onward. Transitioning to new software has been collectively reluctant, and in many cases, downright resistant.

Fortunately, FYIsoft makes the transition easy and painless. Click here to learn more.

After all, it’s been over five years since Microsoft officially retired its FRx reporting solution. Why haven’t you?

FYIsoft’s FRx reporting solution

FYIsoft offers the ideal FRx report replacement solution in its cloud financial reporting software. FYIsoft can replace your FRx reporter and convert your unsupported FRx reports. FYIsoft systematically converts existing FRx reports at the database level so the conversion process is accurate, reliable, and consistent–regardless of how many FRx reports you may have.

The FYIsoft solution easily converts:

  • Catalogs
  • Rows
  • Columns
  • Trees
  • Account sets
  • Font styles
  • Formulas

Features and benefits

FYIsoft’s FRx report replacement solution offers the same key FRx features finance departments depend on, plus enhanced financial reporting software benefits that will take your reporting to the next level.

Familiar components of rows, columns, and organizational trees help FRx users quickly adapt to FYIsoft reports. The intuitive, user-friendly interface offers a comfortable navigation environment that includes:

  • Point-and-click features
  • Drag-and-drop actions
  • Pull-down menus

Choosing FYIsoft

Why stick with a software solution that retired 5 years ago? Moving forward with FYIsoft is an easy choice: the interface is similar enough that navigating and learning it is a breeze, but advanced enough that the features and benefits far outweigh Microsoft’s FRx solution.

FYIsoft is a secure, current, accessible solution. The customer testimonials speak for themselves. FYIsoft has already gained a following of 8,500 users. While upgrading accounting software can be a stressful experience, FYIsoft experts are here to help guide you through the transition to a more successful accounting department.

Submit this form for a demo today. An FYIsoft financial reporting expert will get you started on your FRx report replacement plan.


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