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Company Growing Fast? Why You Need a Scalable Financial Reporting Solution

Company Growing Fast? Why You Need a Scalable Financial Reporting Solution

Patching together fixes when your financial reporting solution isn’t built to grow with your company is not sustainable. If your company is growing fast, you need a scalable financial reporting solution–Microsoft Excel, with its manual formulas and capacity for manual error, isn’t going to cut it.

Having the right, scalable tools for your business needs can save you hours, days–even weeks or months. While spreadsheets are scalable to a degree, you must have the time and resources on hand to rebuild and rebuild each time there is a core change. If you’re in a period of rapid growth, you probably don’t have the resources to dedicate to that–and even if you do, can you trust the accuracy of that data?

A scalable financial reporting solution can help you…

  • Forecast more accurately. More efficient processes buy you time for strategy. Forecasting and running scenario analyses help you build a strong foundation upon which you can make more sound business decisions. A scalable financial reporting solution will allow you to scenario plan, adjust, adapt, and forecast.
  • Trust your data. A flexible model allows you to focus on your strategy rather than data validation. When spreadsheets can’t scale with the change, stress mounts, and manual errors mount with it. Manually consolidating and then deciphering data is a huge time suck when software can do the heavy lifting for you. Investment in this area eases much of the burden.
  • Go public. Accuracy is critical when your company is going public. Forecasts have to be prepared more frequently (and often, more quickly),  investors expect accurate estimates of company value and growth, and processes must be tweaked to continue to serve the company’s changing business needs. A flexible, scalable solution will help you achieve these action items (and more).

FYIsoft can help your company as it grows 

FYIsoft provides strong power and immediate impact, all for a smart investment. Perfectly formatted reports are at the click of a button for all users with adequate permissions. This empowers the team to run the reports they need when they need them, and ensures that all users are accessing the most current, most accurate data available from anywhere, anytime, as long as they’re connected to the internet.

Schedule a brief demo with FYIsoft today to see how FYIsoft’s scalable solutions might be the right fit for your growing company.

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