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Perfectly Formatted Reports.

Generate perfectly formatted financial statements – ready for the board, auditors, or SEC filing – straight out of the system.

Create Board-Ready Reports with FYIsoft

Most report writers provide financial reports that are adequate for analysis and internal collaboration, but they’re not designed to follow the standard reporting protocol demanded by executive boards, auditors, or SEC filings.

FYIsoft’s cloud financial reporting software integrates directly with your general ledger and generates perfectly formatted reports right out of the system, with no manual editing required. This not only saves hours of time, but also minimizes the risk of human error and protects the integrity of your financial data.

Schedule a demo and see how FYIsoft will help you spend less time formatting and editing your financial statements, and more time focusing on the things that matter most.

Board Ready Financial Reports

Still Relying on Excel-Based Reports?

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Financial Reporting Best Practices: Why CFOs are Trading in Their Spreadsheets


Excel is a powerful day-to-day tool for analysis and forecasting but it was never designed to create financial statements at the enterprise level. Download the eBook by and learn why you could be jeopardizing your career by relying on Excel for financial reporting.

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Improve Your Reporting Without Changing Your ERP

FYIsoft integrates with your general ledger, allowing you to supercharge your financial reporting power without the high cost of replacing your ERP. We support a multitude of ERP systems, and the list is growing every day. If you don’t see yours listed below, contact us to see if it’s coming soon.

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